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Made of Honour

When the bride’s sister is an undercover CIA Field Operative and the groom’s background includes some sketchy business dealings, it stands to reason that the wedding will end up in shambles.



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Sylvia Greaves secretly works as an undercover CIA Field Operative.
After a frantic flight home to be maid of honor for her sister, Sylvia finds herself attracted to the suave and attentive best man (Alex). At a rehearsal dinner, her ears prick up when the groom (Charlie) makes a mistake in describing his youth.
The next day Sylvia overhears Charlie speak fluent Spanish in a phone conversation and then a visit to the realtor reveals that Charlie bought not only his book store but also an entire business block with an offshore cash transfer. Sylvia spots a pair of suspicious characters parked across the street. Later at the park, she sees the same guys and this makes her even more frightened for her sister. Alex arrives and boldly confronts the guys while Sylvia hides in the bushes. He returns and tells her they were birdwatchers from another state. Sylvia is impressed by this act of chivalry; this momentary attraction to the best man gives her doubts about her current relationship and this misguided trust puts everyone in danger.
When the gang goes to Frannie and Charlie’s huge home for a luncheon, Sylvia goes looking for Alex and finds him in the coach house in the back of the estate. He explains that he is secretly renovating the coach house as a wedding gif. Sylvia is impressed. There is a get together the night before the wedding at a cabin. This turns into a situation with the armed thugs that Sylvia spotted in the park. The group is surrounded. There is no cell service and Sylvia knows that there will be more danger once morning arrives. She confronts Charlie. He admits his actual name and history and tells her that the men are intent on finding records of money laundering, although he is clean and would never harm Frannie.
When dawn arrives, Frannie and Charlie switch clothing with the other groomsman and the bridesmaid. They leave in the limousine knowing that the thugs will follow the bride and groom. This gives Sylvia time to go down the road and use her cellphone to leave a message.
Some unexpected help from Sylvia’s partner arrives. Her cell messages had reached him and he flew in with some agents to save his love. There’s more!
Alex was the criminal mastermind, searching the house for the document, quite prepared to kill anyone getting in his way including Sylvia and her sister. An action sequence, Sylvia is a crack shot. Alex is dead, Charlie and Frannie get married. Sylvia realizes her partner will be hers for life.
Sylvia’s father is not surprised at her bravery – mom was a CIA agent as well.

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WRPN - Screenwriting GOLD award 2022

Submitted: March 14, 2023
Last Updated: March 20, 2023

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The Writer: Madeline Hombert

Madeline is a Canadian writer/producer/director. Credits include cowriting and producing two full length feature films distributed worldwide, and writing a short film (CATAMORPHIS) that she also directed. Her short screenplay, KATIES LAST DANCE, has placed first in festivals and her screenplays written with Michael Markus (BOARDGAMES, MADE OF HONOUR) have also been festival winners. THE CHRISTMAS CON was a table read at Peachtree Festival, Atlanta. Both writers are also published authors. Madeline studied screenwriting with Robert McKee at Ryerson College, Toronto; directing at seminars helmed by Peter Deluise and others in Vancouver. She is a member of... Go to bio
Law Firm: Stringam,LLP, #101, 10126 - 97 Avenue, Grande Pairie,AB T8V7K6
Lawyer: Cliff Headon

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