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Boom Land



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Heady times, fast talkers, smugglers, and an inexperienced rich girl collide with deadly consequences in 1920s Florida.

Abby Rutherford is outmatched but learns to think fast and make contacts faster to stay one step ahead of a federal agent who's on to her.

Palmboro, Florida is a rugged, lawless town fueled by greed and desperation. Abby Rutherford, a young, naïve young woman from wealth and privilege has discovered her family fortune is running on fumes. Her desperate foray to save her family leads to disastrous decisions that imperil everyone she cares about. Panic grows and bullets fly as Abby and her allies and frenemies try to avoid and outwit Chris Rowan, a young prohibition agent hell-bent to make a name for himself and uphold the law while he's at it.

Submitted: January 1, 2019
Last Updated: January 1, 2019

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The Writer: Allen Buice

I am a New Mexico-based creative and technical writer with a passion for learning and mastery of the writing craft. Film and television shapes the way the world thinks, sees, believes, and understands. Writing is the foundation of our media and as such, writing forms the bedrock upon which all our cultural understanding and ideological perception is built. Writing is the foundation of communication, art, religion, culture, philosophy, science, and so much more. Those in our society with a talent for writing should work to bring the stories of our lives, our cultures, and our lived experiences to others. I work in a variety of genres, but mostly drama, thriller, and suspense. I also have a... Go to bio

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