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Brad moves to LA to pursue his dream of becoming an actor; instead he meets the girl of his dreams.

Set in Alabama and Hollywood, CASTING CALL tells the story of a young man who, against his parent’s wishes, travels to Hollywood to pursue his dreams of stardom instead of working in the factory like every man in his family. Brad struggles to fit into his new surroundings.

He eventually lands a job at a record store, where he meets Jason, who will become his good friend and sidekick. Brad struggles to audition for roles and meets Allyson, who has a wealthy overbearing father named Roger. Even though they come from two separate worlds; Brad and Allyson end up falling in love. These two worlds collide and Brad is forced to decide whether his goals and his new love are worth fighting for.

As Brad and Allyson become closer, Roger attempts to drive them apart. Unknowing to Brad and Allyson, Roger sabotages Brads ability to get into any further auditions. It all comes to a head when Allyson finds out about what her father has done. Brad has lost hope and is ready to move back to Alabama, when Jason intervenes.

At his wits end, Brad gets up the courage to confront Roger. Roger begins to see that the only way to salvage his relationship with his daughter is to give Brad a chance. Brad reaches the point when he realizes that it is all or nothing. He must choose to either fight for what he wants, or move back to his blue collar upbringing.

Submitted: November 7, 2017
Last Updated: November 7, 2017

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The Writer: John Etterlee.

I am a disabled/retired U.S. Army Veteran turned screenwriter. I began study while recovering from surgery a few years back. Story telling is my passion and I want nothing more than to share my work onscreen. Go to bio