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City of Cousins

A young black field hand leaves barbarous racism in Mississippi and moves to Nebraska. But he soon finds out that his new home is far more perilous than he could have ever imagined.



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Will Barnes, a black field hand, dreams of leaving his meager life in Mississippi and moving to Omaha, Nebraska where his cousins live and where there are good jobs for Black people. But he is reluctant to leave the south until his friend Bobby is imprisoned for a Black Code violation which then motivates Will and his other friend Noble to move.

Will and Noble learn that Omaha has its own perils. It's a city in many ways as segregated as the south and the home of a racist racketeer named Tom Garrison. Garrison wants to have an honest mayor removed and replaced by someone who will let him wield his power freely. Through propagandist tactics to make the mayor look incompetent, Garrison and his minions create deep racial division in Omaha.

Will and Noble land good paying jobs at a meat company but the brutality of the work is more than they bargained for so they look for other work. Against Will's protest, Noble works for Garrison. Will gets a job as a porter with the railroad.

While working as a porter Will meets a white woman named Alice. The two develop an intimate relationship and over time Will thinks that Alice could be “the one”. What he doesn’t know is that Alice is engaged to a soldier named Robert who returns from WWI and gets a job as Garrison’s personal aide.

Eventually Robert catches Will and Alice together. He accuses Will of trying to rape her and Alice does not deny it. Robert reports this to Garrison who uses his influence at the local newspaper to manipulate the white people of Omaha into a mass frenzy of fear and hatred. Soon Will is brutally lynched by a mob of thousands in front of the city courthouse.

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Omaha Film Festival Finalist (2022)
Page Turner Screenplays Finalist (2021)
The Monthly Film Festival Finalist (2021)
Best Script Awards Semi-Finalist (2021)
Atlanta International Screenplay Awards Semi-Finalist (2021)
Austin Film Festival Second-Rounder (2021)
Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Quarter-Finalist (2021)
New York City International Screenplay Awards Quarter-Finalist (2021)
London International Screenwriting Competition Quarter-Finalist (2022)
Paris Film Festival Honorable Mention (2021)
Coverfly Top 25% Badge

Submitted: December 6, 2021
Last Updated: March 1, 2022

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The Writer: Victoria White

A self-taught screenwriter and documentary filmmaker with a passion for historical research best describes Omaha, Nebraska native Victoria White. Her interest in The Great Migration of African Americans from the southern states to Omaha launched her journey into filmmaking that started when she retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2007. White’s first documentary production was in 2008 with "A Time Remembered". The documentary covered the reunion of the participants and director of the Academy Award nominated documentary "A Time For Burning", which was filmed in Omaha in 1966. "A Time Remembered" was an official selection to the 2009 Omaha Film Festival and was critically acclaimed for its... Go to bio

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