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Filip, a young officer working as a Control Officer in a future dominated by Scientism, must arrest those based on their emotions, but the toll of the job leads to unexpected consequences.

Filip works as a Control Officer. It is his job to maintain order in a world under the dominant ideology of Scientism, which disavows emotional traits in favour of logical, rational decisions. The clandestine machine revolution.

His brother, Havel, works as a Commanding Officer in the same District. An ardent believer in his job, he won't stop at anything to get his way, even if the obstructing object is his own family.

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Filip, a young officer working as a Control Officer in a future dominated by Scientism,
must arrest those based on their emotions, but the toll of the job leads to unexpected consequences.

Author Alexander Taylor brings us Control, a futuristic script set in Bratislava that envisions an ever present police state where human emotion is suppressed due to the Scientism movement.

Part of the police force who enforce these draconian measures are two brothers, Filip and Havel.

Society, now dominated by Scientism and a belief in computerised machinery, has been enveloped by technology - and it is this that the police use to spy upon the public.

Our central protagonist, Filip, understands the ills of what he’s employed to enforce: a sentiment that lies directly counter to those of Havel, who enacts his job with unrelenting brutality.

The two brothers conduct raids on houses where the unsuspecting residents have let their emotions be shown: these unfortunate members of society are beaten down by the movement both brothers represent.

Havel checks the information on a tablet. A blue, hazy light fills the damp and dark room.
He waves to two of his men, who move forward and open a briefcase.

We have received numerous reports concerning suspicious activity
conducted on these premises. Section 102 District Code states any report
with regards to emotional fluctuation must be investigated.
Do you understand why we are here today, sir?


Emotional fluctuation may include laughter, temper, lachrymation...

Iva lets out a sob. This alarms the room.

A.k.a. Crying.

She covers her mouth with one hand whilst bowing her head. It is not enough, and has caught the attention of the room.

My wife. She is sick. Iva. She is not well. For days...

The talking continues, but becomes background noise.

Our focus returns to Filip, whose forehead now bleeds sweat. His eyes dart back from the sad couple to the commanding officer, Havel.

From there, we follow Filip’s journey as he questions his actions and the motivations of those around him. Will he fight against a system he does not ultimately believe in, and his brother - sworn to enforce it no matter what?

Many readers will find Control’s message and relevance painfully current. We now live in a time where personal surveillance of our own behavioural patterns are studied by governments and companies through social media and beyond. With overtones of both 1984 and Minority Report, Taylor brings us a script that depicts a dystopian future: one that comments profoundly on society now.

If you're a producer or director looking to bring to life a short screenplay that will hit audiences hard, making them question even their own surroundings… then Control is a must read. "Control" this story - by bringing it to life!

Review by Cam Gray
Submitted: July 15, 2017
Last Updated: July 15, 2017
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The Writer: Alexander Taylor

Welcome. I am a script writer and editor based in Durham, UK. I use my experience in performing Stand up and Sketch comedy to bring my scripts to life. My favourite screenplay is Anomalisa by Charlie Kaufman. My favourite book is The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. My least favourite activity is Writing Biographies. Please contact me if you have any questions or requests. I love collaboration and hearing new ideas. Go to bio

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