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Covid Plays Cupid

Two women, strangers to each other, meet and fall in love during the pandemic lockdown.



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Claire Holland is a Human Resources Specialist working from home during the pandemic. Gillian Taylor, a graphic designer, and artist, moves into the same apartment complex. Claire’s second-floor balcony overlooks Gillian’s patio.
The two women start talking to each other. They combine their singular bubbles into a pod and begin to meet in person. After a few dinners, they attend a Black Lives Matter protest, their first public foray. When Gillian returns home from the protest, she calls her sister to admit she’s falling for Claire.
During the summer, Claire and Gillian continue to do things together with Claire unaware of Gillian’s growing affection for her. Then one night, after the conversation and too much wine, Claire initiates an intimate night of sex with Gillian.
Lori Whitaker, Claire’s best friend, becomes aware of Claire’s change of relationship with Gillian and confronts her about it with their online group, the L’s. Claire and Gillian continue to explore their relationship.
Claire is called back to work in person as the company she works for, prepares to shut down over pandemic issues. She and Gillian have one more intimate night before they separate again.
Claire goes back to work and gets exposed to Covid by a co-worker. She becomes very sick and ends up on a ventilator on the Covid ward. Gillian is frustrated by not being able to see or even talk to Claire and has a meltdown in her apartment. She destroys her workspace and a painting she recently finished.
Gillian goes to the place where she and Claire were intimate the last time before Claire got sick. She returns to Claire’s apartment and sleeps in Claire’s bed. When Gillian returns to her vigil under the hospital window of the Covid ward, she meets Lori and all the L’s who will be joining her until Claire is well.
Claire does get well. In a montage, we see them getting their vaccines. After buying a house and moving in it together, Claire and Gillian get married. They honeymoon in France. Claire opens a cat café that she runs with Gillian.

Submitted: February 27, 2021
Last Updated: February 27, 2021

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The Writer: Cindy Van Vreede

I am a retired Producer/Director for Milwaukee Public Television, a PBS affiliate. During retirement, I did event taping and video transfers. Little things to keep me busy in the field. During the pandemic lockdown, I had a burst of creative energy and started writing movie scripts. That's what got me here. Go to bio

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