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Rich returns to his dorm room after shooting up his university campus. Ready to end it all, he is stopped by the one woman that drives him. But is she a force for good?



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The story begins and ends in a typical messy student dorm.

Gunshots are heard outside at street level followed by screams.

Rich returns to his dorm in a state of shock. He did what was asked of him but he doubts what good it did. He contemplates killing himself before his love interest (Anna) pops up via video link on his laptop. She applauds him for his work but notifies him that their mission is not yet finished.

Anna keeps Rich's attention as he is still in shock, before finally convincing him to finish the job.

Rich leaves the dorm for one last time. The camera pans down to Rich's bed to reveal Anna's dead body lying underneath it.

Submitted: October 7, 2018
Last Updated: October 7, 2018

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The Writer: James Brandon

Hello there, Being able to create characters and build worlds all from the power of your own creativity has been the driving force of what inspires me to want to be a screenwriter. I hope that through this platform I can demonstrate my talent and development as a screenwriter with the hope that one day my stories can be produced. I welcome all feedback and look forward to your comments and notes. James Brandon Go to bio

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