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After the death of her roommate, an up and coming Female Pop Star finds out that her new roommate is actually an obsessed fan with a dark secret.

Rain is an up and coming Female Pop Singer. One night after performing at a night club, she meets up with those closest to her including her brother Matt, her manager Kathy, her assistant Tanya, her roommate Lisa and close friend/music producer Snow Man. To celebrate Rain’s performance that night, Kathy offers to take everyone out to dinner- her treat. Everyone agrees to go except for Lisa who tells them to have fun and that she’s going home because she’s not feeling good. Later that night, Rain and Matt come home to find Lisa dead from an apparent suicide.
Traumatized by this, they call the police and are later questioned about the incident. Weeks later, Rain places an ad in the newspaper looking for a new roommate to help cover the mortgage on the house she’s living in. Cassie, a pretty female applicant is the first one to apply to the ad. She shows up on Rain’s doorstep and finds out that Rain lives in the house. Cassie is quickly star struck as she is a huge fan of Rain’s. Days go by and Cassie is now living with Rain and Matt. In between this time, people closest to Rain are starting to get killed off by a serial killer one by one. Snow man gets killed, followed by Kathy and Tanya. While the killings are happening, Cassie becomes obsessed with Rain. She starts wearing Rain’s clothes and playing Rain’s music without Rain’s permission. One day Matt and his friend Chad catch Cassie kissing Rain’s picture on a poster and wearing Rain’s clothes. Matt becomes upset about it all but Cassie tries to calm him down by flirting with him followed by kissing him. He’s turned off and leaves the house. Originally Matt was going to go to a party with his friend Chad but the confrontation with Cassie is still bothering him so he decides to let Chad go to the party by himself and he goes back to the house to see if Rain’s there so he can tell her what Cassie has been doing. As soon as Matt gets to the house, Rain shows up and Matt tries to tell her what Cassie did. Rain doesn’t believe Matt until she goes to her bedroom to see that some of her clothes are missing. Now believing Matt, Rain confronts Cassie about it. Cassie ends up stabbing Matt and Rain with a syringe filled with some type of liquid to knock them out. Moments later, Matt and Rain are tied up. Cassie stands in front of them with a knife and confesses her darkest secrets to them. She tells them that she killed Snow Man and even killed Lisa making Lisa’s death look like a suicide. She also killed the others and through a back story, we see what made Cassie become a killer. After that, Rain pretends to like Cassie. Cassie falls for it, untying Rain. Rain fights Cassie and the two fight until Rain wins the fight and kills Cassie in self defense. Weeks later, a mysterious female named Charisma shows up on Rain’s doorstep. As soon as Matt opens the door, Charisma points a gun at him and tells Matt "I’m Cassie’s sister and this is for Cassie". She pulls the trigger. The end.

Submitted: January 18, 2019
Last Updated: January 18, 2019

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The Writer: Carl Washington

Been in the entertainment business for over 24 years now as an Actor/Writer. I have around 30 completed screenplays but only shopping 7 to 10 of them right now. Genres preferred are horror, comedy, action and drama. Go to bio

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