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A war-weary knight home from the Crusade is forced to fight again as he leads his comrades and a motley band of refugees in a battle for survival against an army of the undead.

"Deliver Us From Evil" was described as a "nearly perfect zombie movie," by a Black List reader who rated the script 8 overall.

As the story opens, a large crowd of peasants and farmers cheers a parade of departing Crusaders, led by Thomas, his gray-flecked beard suggesting middle age, a faded scar across his cheek hinting past violence. Riding beside Thomas are two fellow knights: Clinton, a handsome rouge, and Peter, no more than 25. They are followed by squires and pages – boys at various stages on the path to knighthood.

As the parade passes, a beautiful young woman runs along side to present Peter a green scarf. It’s Emma, Peter’s first true love.

We cut from a gentle good-bye kiss to brutal battle – repeated clashes between Crusaders and Saracens engaged in a holy war. The horrors of war wound Thomas’ soul. The death of Clinton cripples Thomas with grief. An unsuccessful effort to stop the slaughter of innocent women and children begins the erosion of Thomas’ faith.

Thomas leads the battle-hardened survivors home. Along a country road, a lone knight attacks the column. Thomas reluctantly charges the attacker to defend his men. The two knights gallop closer, lances level. The lance of the attacking knight splinters as it strikes Thomas’ shield. Thomas rides through the blow and turns his horse to see the other knight turning his horse, a broken portion of a lance through his chest. The opposing knight draws his sword and charges. Thomas grabs a mace hanging from his saddle and charges. Thomas smashes the face of the other knight, who falls still on the ground. Unable to remove his helmet, the group buries the attacking knight without seeing his face.

Thomas leads his group into an empty village. Father Baldric from the top of a bell tower hails the group. Father Baldric, leader of a small group barricaded in the church, tells Thomas and the others of the Lazarus fever. Those who fall to this fever, rise again, like Lazarus. But with a hunger for human flesh.

Thomas leads a growing group of refugees to the Castle Bridgenorth, dodging danger at the hands of the undead along the way. While safe inside the castle, the group is trapped, surrounded by a growing horde of zombies. A grim routine settles in: the castle gate is opened to allow a number of zombies into a killing pen. But even amid the horror, Thomas finds some joy with Sabina, a widow whose skill as an archer make her every bit the warrior as Thomas.

Hunger and bickering after months of siege force Thomas to execute a bold plan: lure the zombies into the castle to be burned in a huge inferno while the living escape through a tunnel to Scotland and new life.

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Austin Film Festival Screenplay and Teleplay competition -- second round

Submitted: August 17, 2016
Last Updated: June 5, 2019

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The Writer: Clint Williams

Clint Williams is a well-traveled former newspaper reporter and editor with stops at The Arizona Republic and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. His magazine credits include Every Day With Rachael Ray and Field & Stream. He spent a summer as a whitewater rafting guide. Everyone made it back alive. Go to bio

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