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A streetwise priest reverts to some unholy behavior from his former life as a Green Beret to find an old army buddy kidnapped by a sinister V.A. psychiatrist.

A streetwise priest reverts to some unholy behavior from his former life as a Green Beret to find an old army buddy kidnapped by a sinister V.A. psychiatrist.

Pike Mathews is a young Green Beret on patrol in Iraq with his sergeant, Lyle Dickey. As they search the ruins of the palace of one of Saddam Hussein’s sons, they find a cache of gold coins. Lyle distracts Pike and knocks him out, hoping to keep the loot for himself.

Lyle tells Pike he was hit by falling plaster and carries him back to the base. On the way, Pike is wounded and has a near death vision where a biker angel tells him to spend his life doing good works.

Pike becomes a priest after leaving the military and gets a letter one day from his old sergeant, Lyle. Lyle asks him to come to Los Angeles to help him with a mess he’s in. No cops, please. Feeling he owes his life to Lyle, Pike heads for the mean streets of L.A.

He is robbed on the road and resists the vengeance he is capable of dispensing. This is the first of many temptations that tear at him throughout his journey.

Lyle is nowhere to be found when Pike arrives in the city. Pike decides to take on his own investigation and encounters a malevolent Veterans Administration psychiatrist, Jasper Tittejohn, who is after the gold coins he knows Lyle has hidden.

A mystery woman named Miranda claims she is Lyle’s younger sister and joins Pike in the search for Lyle. Even though he is a priest, Pike cannot help himself from being attracted to Miranda and ends up doing some things a good priest shouldn’t do.

Pike mistrusts her, though, and questions a seedy fortune teller who was Lyle’s regular booty call and who might have the answer to Miranda’s true identity. When he returns to the fortune teller’s apartment to follow up, he finds her murdered.

Miranda leads Pike into a trap set by Tittejohn and he must finally call on his special forces skills to save his life and Lyle’s.

After solving the mystery of his Lyle’s disappearance and turning the bad guys over to the cops, Pike is torn over whether he should remain a priest or pursue his newfound passion: private investigator. He reasons that nobody is perfect and sometimes you do some bad things to accomplish good. So, he decides to be both detective and priest.

Submitted: October 18, 2017
Last Updated: November 5, 2018

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The Writer: Denny Dirksen

I come from a family of six kids and laughter was always a valuable commodity in our hectic household. I am now the father of a college student. Anyone who has ever raised kids can tell you that experience is a wealth of inspiration. I have washed dishes, loaded trucks, did factory work, worked at a television station, and have written my share of advertising copy. I now work in video production and that has informed the visual aspects of the scripts I write. I travel extensively and see the good and bad sides of a lot of cities. There is a story behind every place and unique characters on every block. The great thing about writing is that each script is a new beginning, a chance to go... Go to bio