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An ageing hitman goes head to head against a younger, more ruthless rival to eliminate eleven protected targets in twelve hours and earn a cool million, whilst trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter.



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Ageing hitman DEXTER (53) is offered a job to kill eleven targets in twelve hours, all of whom are witnesses in an upcoming trial. The reward for success: a cool million. The price of failure: not a penny. But when the job is reassigned to the younger, fitter MADDOX (24), Dexter must battle impossible odds to prove he’s still the best, kill his rival, beat the deadline and claim the prize. The race is on to see who gets to the eleven first; Dexter or Maddox?

Dexter also has a more personal problem he has to deal with; a bitter ex-wife who‘s insistent he give his legal permission for their daughter to be adopted by her new husband. Dexter hasn’t seen his daughter in years and regrets being an absent father. The last thing he wants is to be forced into a decision on a night like this.

Dexter is off to a good start getting to the first three targets before Maddox and collecting right hands as proof of termination. But Maddox isn’t taking it lying down. Maddox sets up Dexter and he only just manages to escape capture by the police, while Maddox steals the hands Dexter collected from his victims. Dexter is left bloody and battered, without proof of his kills and the list of targets...time to call on Travis.

As things escalate their battle attracts the attention of the police, who race to protect the remaining targets, increasing the risk to Maddox and Dexter. With time running out and becoming increasingly desperate Maddox learns of Dexter’s daughter and threatens her life. Dexter is forced to face off with Maddox in a brutal fight that leaves them both seriously hurt... but at least Dexter’s daughter is safe.

With all the hands back in his possession Dexter finishes the last three kills and races to give Travis the proof and claim the prize before the clock runs out. But Maddox is there waiting for him, with Travis as a hostage, and orders Dexter to hand over the proof of the kills or watch Travis die. But Dexter doesn’t care anymore, he’s resigned himself to the fact this is the end for him. He has nothing left to lose. Weapons are drawn and two shots fired...

Maddox lies dead as Dexter bleeds from a fatal chest wound. Travis wants to call him medical help, but all Dexter wants is Travis’ promise to ensure the money gets to his daughter. Travis reluctantly makes the promise and watches Dexter leave.

Triumphant, Dexter drives to his daughter’s house and signs the legal document which will allow her to be adopted. He silently watches her go to school before bleeding out and dying in his car.

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Quarter-Finalist ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship.

Submitted: March 18, 2021
Last Updated: July 14, 2021

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The Writer: Dominic Carver

PRODUCED CREDITS ECHOES IN THE SILENCE – Screenwriter –a silent short film for Richard Ellison. FLED – Script Editor – a sci-fi short for Stickleback Productions. LEGACY – Script Editor – a drama short for Trebuchet Film Productions Ltd. THE DYING EYE – Script Editor – a feature thriller for writer/director Shiphrah Meditz. THE TRAVELLER – Screenwriter – a ten-minute drama directed by Musaab Ag. Screened as an official selection at The Cannes Short Film Corner 2011 & the Gulf Film Festival 2012. MR. VISTA ( www.mrvista.net ) – Screenwriter – six episodes for second web series, uploaded 2008. AGN – Screenwriter – a four-minute short broadcast on Norwegian TV Station TV Vest in 2008. GAZE... Go to bio
Agent: christina@imaginetalent.co.uk

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