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Three lives collide when a mob courier is found dead in his car on wasteland, his briefcase containing 50K missing, the street girl who was with him nowhere to be found.



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Faith (18) works the streets of London trying to earn the money she needs to escape her life, hiding some of it from her pimp Frank, stashing it in a tin under the sink in her flat.

Flash (21), a small-time drug dealer, has a thing for Faith but not the emotional maturity to handle her. When Faith turns him down again he decides the only way she'll take him seriously is if he becomes a name on the streets, so he begs Frank for a job

Frank (43), known and feared on the streets for his violent temper, is having a secret relationship with Jimmy's girlfriend Roxy, while the gangland boss is in prison. As he's due to be released in a few weeks, Roxy persuades Frank he should remove Jimmy from the picture and take over the business himself.

Max (36) , on instruction from Jimmy, orders Frank to hunt down the money and return it to him as quickly as possible. It may even help Frank to get back in favour with Jimmy, but Max is determined that will never happen.

Frank tasks Flash with the collection of an untraceable gun for the hit on Jimmy. Flash collects the gun, but while showing off to his friends he accidentally loses it down a drain when he hears police sirens nearby and panics. Despite getting his arms mucky trying to find the missing gun the following night, Flash comes away empty-handed. He's in deep shit and he knows it. Frank doesn’t accept failure.

Faith makes a dangerous enemy of another street girl Chantelle, who accuses her of deliberately stealing her punters. Chantelle questions who was in the courier’s car and suggests it was Faith. She threatens to go to the police and tell them. This is just the kind of attention Faith doesn’t need.

Frank discovers Faith has been withholding money from him, but she continues to play a deadly game with Frank keeping the true amount she earns from him. Does Faith have the courier’s 50K?

Frank corners one of Flash's friends JC and while interrogating him for Flash’s whereabouts drops him off the top floor of a housing estate. JC's death is witnessed by a terrified Flash who now knows his only option left is to run, hard and fast.

Frank's affair with Roxy is discovered and Jimmy lets Frank know they have a score to settle when he gets out. Frank is cut off and shut out. Jimmy is coming for him and he has nowhere to run.

When Chantelle bumps into Flash she tells him Faith was in the car with the courier and that Faith has the money. Flash knows the money is his only way out and tries to get a share of it from Faith. But Faith doesn’t have it, Chantelle does and when Flash runs off to confront Faith, Chantelle recovers the briefcase from its hiding place and makes her escape.

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Semi-Finalist ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship.
Winner of the Prequel to Cannes Screenwriting Feature Competition.

Submitted: March 18, 2021
Last Updated: July 14, 2021

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The Writer: Dominic Carver

PRODUCED CREDITS ECHOES IN THE SILENCE – Screenwriter –a silent short film for Richard Ellison. FLED – Script Editor – a sci-fi short for Stickleback Productions. LEGACY – Script Editor – a drama short for Trebuchet Film Productions Ltd. THE DYING EYE – Script Editor – a feature thriller for writer/director Shiphrah Meditz. THE TRAVELLER – Screenwriter – a ten-minute drama directed by Musaab Ag. Screened as an official selection at The Cannes Short Film Corner 2011 & the Gulf Film Festival 2012. MR. VISTA ( ) – Screenwriter – six episodes for second web series, uploaded 2008. AGN – Screenwriter – a four-minute short broadcast on Norwegian TV Station TV Vest in 2008. GAZE... Go to bio

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