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Fair Dubs

When Earth is doomed, a disaffected, bisexual marbles fanatic secures a marble kept from her by the US President, and Earth, after a blatant “trisexual” leaning towards one gorgeous alien.



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It is 2022. An alien space tug arrives in Earth orbit. The arrival naturally creates obvious panic, and we are shown a bunker under the White House where our protagonist, Mabe Kane-Glass, the US President’s Secretary, is reminding the President, Lucy Morales, that she is with her, but not entirely of her own free will, amongst the mayhem that has ensued including some fair resistance to an ambitious four-star General Duke Rockettshot, who is hell bent on bringing the aliens down without delay. The important thing for Morales is that she looks good for the aliens, with Kane-Glass’s help. After several of the aliens travel down to the White House, and some military intent and action from humanity, we see the aliens’ leader, Flatt D’Niall, a particularly gorgeous specimen, meet with the President & Co., but want to relax after his long journey before explaining to the world why he is here. Morales gives a rather unsuccessful press conference the next day, in what she sees as a readiness for that essentially seen talk the day after, but, noting the apparent attraction of Kane-Glass to Flatt D’Niall, she desperately wants to see more from Kane-Glass, voluntarily and soon. The aliens have studied Earth’s communications for many years prior to the journey, and on the way across the Milky Way to Earth. They therefore speak English, with an American twang, but with inevitable cursing (considered by the aliens to be an everyday part of normal, American language).

Act II begins after the above press conference, with D’Niall chatting to Morales, having noted from books left for him by Kane-Glass the night before that his suspicions about some on Earth, gleaned over time and distance previously, that they are familiar with marbles, that he has an immediate connection to Kane-Glass herself. We see that Kane-Glass, an avid marbles player and collector, is missing one marble from her collection, which she reserved in Morales’s father’s (Carlos’s) pawn shop six years prior but which Morales “intercepted” and kept - to ensnare a bisexual Kane-Glass into becoming her lover. This marble has great relevance to the story, especially its end. That night, we are told, by flashback, how the marble that Morales holds was obtained and how the two first met. The marble is handmade, being slightly flat on one side and is called an “End of Day” marble. It is an orange “Onionskin”, with flakes of mica glistening within, and is housed in a locked and alarmed glass box in Morales’s bedroom – in sight, but never to be touched by Kane-Glass: the implication being that should Kane-Glass genuinely fall for Morales, she can have the marble. The following day, D’Niall, who confirms his origin as the planet Impulsus-Taw, in the Sirius star system, a very smooth planet, gives his talk to all world leaders (who have gathered in Washington D.C. urgently for the purpose) and explains why Earth needs to be taken by them to his home system. If it is not moved, it will be destroyed by the asteroids that he has skilfully set on a fast course to Earth from the Asteroid Belt, between Mars and Jupiter. The journey (without the Moon) will take around eighteen Earth years and Earth will be traveling at one half of light-speed. This creates obvious consternation, particularly with two scientists invited to the talk by Morales: her ex-lover, Rusty Greytin and his colleague, Charles Toppin. D’Niall is questioned but holds his ground. Subsequently, the aliens’ intent is discussed and despite a wild theory proposed by Greytin and Toppin (following a review of the record of the aliens’ movements, which included a visit to the Himalayas and other mountain ranges) that because the aliens’ home planet is smooth, they must need one with mountains, Kane-Glass starts to suspect that there is another, bigger reason. With Morales nervously and sourly looking on, and acting accordingly, Kane-Glass falls into liaison with D’Niall, to learn more, as her relationship with Morales (who is by now suggested as World Leader - implied to be at her suggestion) seriously deteriorates, so much so that Morales starts to plan an attack on the aliens, with Rockettshot’s help, when Earth arrives in the Sirius system in 2040. Morales rewards Rockettshot with his fifth star in anticipation of his assistance and the plan is hatched.

The final Act (2040) sees Morales & Co. meet with D’Niall’s fellow senior aliens, still on Earth, at an advanced, 4-D recording, presented by the aliens. The Moon’s destruction by the asteroids some eighteen years earlier is shown. On the face of it, this is the justification for moving Earth. For D’Niall, it is a vetting of his potential by his senior. It is nevertheless when Kane-Glass begins more than to suspect that marbles are a theme and are playing a greater part in her life than she had ever hoped. Her subsequent investigations lead to the knowledge that D’Niall can do this because he and his type do play marbles with planets. She discovers that, ironically, this whole process of planetary marbles is the aliens’ way of fighting the destructive power of the Universe, which they call the Vastness, after their old home planet, Vetus-Taw, was damaged by an exploding star, eons ago and became flat on one side – just like the end of day marble boxed up by Morales. It was abandoned by the same aliens’ ancestors, before Impulsus-Taw was then found and occupied. The flat part of Vetus-Taw will do for humanity. The aliens collect, destroy and place all they play with back into one huge block in Space near their home – to counter entropy – the destructive/dying power of the Vastness. They aim to do this to all matter in the Vastness. They live long and their aims are real. Kane-Glass discovers that Earth was previously used in their game of planetary marbles and then hidden away where it is now (in our Solar System) to recover, by the ancestor of D’Niall, after similar past events – against all the rules. The aliens are not meant to play for keeps – just like in marbles tournament-play on Earth. Playing for keeps nevertheless is always Kane-Glass’s way. Earth has therefore been found and taken back to Sirius because the game is due to be played again - it is the aliens’ five-hundred-year anniversary (equivalent to sixty-five million Earth years), and the next game is due before the end of the aliens’ own planet’s very long day. D’Niall’s senior, Dowl Cubespace, has directed that he wants Earth to use as his shooter marble, simply because D’Niall’s ancestor won the last game by beating Cubespace’s ancestor and hid the planet. Throughout, D’Niall, looking for excuses not to have Earth used, has considered that Earth’s mountains might just be the reason why Earth cannot now be used. They were not as big, sixty-five million years ago (the Himalayas were not “born” then, having clearly appeared because of the last game). His view has been that because of those and all Earth’s mountains, and its deep oceans, it will wobble too much, in Space, if played, and thus not make a good shooter. Kane-Glass has by now developed a real thing for D’Niall and Morales is both gutted and extremely jealous, yet she still holds the orange end of day marble that Kane-Glass wants so much. That is for keeps as far as Morales is concerned. Kane-Glass eventually sees the whole picture as far as the aliens are concerned and discovers the true reason for the journey and, at the last minute, pleads with D’Niall not to leave her and others behind. We later see that D’Niall has agreed to move some chosen ones away from Earth. Morales is at the forefront. The planet that is chosen just happens to be the aliens’ old home, Vetus-Taw. We see that Morales is in the final throws of arranging the intended nuclear strike against Impulsus-Taw with Rockettshot just as she is told of the plan, which is to be kept from Cubespace because he would never allow it. She almost forgets her make-up bag. She asks Kane-Glass to assist her with her makeup one last time on Earth and in the bag, Kane-Glass discovers the end of day marble, which she secretes away. It is then that Cubespace is advised that he cannot indeed use Earth, just as D’Niall had hoped – because it is “too bumpy” and will not therefore shoot well. Soon, Morales, Rockettshot and some chosen ones are on their way to Vetus-Taw. D’Niall has already offered Kane-Glass a position with him, but on Impulsus-Taw. We see Earth saved from the game but suggested to become a training piece in a much larger game for Kane-Glass, with D’Niall’s help. It is an end of day scenario for Moralee and Rockettshot, on and for Vetus-Taw, and for the marble, as far as Kane-Glass is concerned, it is what was needed, all at the end of D’Niall’s very long day.

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Festigious International Film Festival, Los Angeles - January 2021 - Double Winner - Best Sci-Fi Screenplay and Best Screenplay Feature.

Since much re-worked, edited and shortened.

Submitted: October 20, 2021
Last Updated: November 13, 2021

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