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Find My Life



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A Silicon Valley executive finds what he believes to be God’s phone and goes on a quest using the apps to find the owner; questioning everything he knows and loves, he ultimately finds himself.

Ash Milton is a Silicon Valley mobile app developer that has everything - beautiful wife, wealth and fame. The company goes under and Ash finds himself alone. His wife leaves him. His friends abandon him. He is lost. His friend Gabe is the only one who stands by him. After a drunken night, Ash finds himself in an alley in San Francisco. He cries out for someone to save him and a bright light illuminates the alley. Ash grabs the light and puts it in his pocket. The next day, Ash wakes up and finds a mobile phone in his pocket. But it's unusual. Three billion Facebook friends, thousands of Instagram photos from around the world and apps that are both spiritual and powerful. He thinks he's found God's phone. Ash meets with Gabe in the morning. "This means something," he says. "I was supposed to find this." "What are you going to do?," says Gabe. "I'm going to find the owner." Using the apps in the phone as clues, Ash races against time as the phone is slowly losing power. Ash knows that he must find the owner if he can. The characters are loosely based on spiritual characters. He meets Johnny on the beach who gives him direction and hope. He meets Pete in Yosemite Valley who denies knowing the owner of the phone three times. He meets Buddy in the Sedona desert that teaches him about the relationship to the self and fear. He meets Maggie, a stripper at Club Gehenna in Vegas. She once loved the owner of the phone and knows the phone's power. Ash and Maggie join forces and race Louie, Club Gehenna's owner, across the country to Austin, Texas where the final battle is waged. Louie knows that the phone has power. Not only does it hold the past post and photos of the all the people in the world, it also holds the future. Anyone who has the phone holds the past and future of everyone in their hand. It is a story of redemption. It is a story about overcoming our limitations and recognizing that fear is the greatest demon. Ultimately, Ash doesn't find the owner. The journey is the gift. And along the way, he finds himself.

Submitted: September 15, 2018
Last Updated: September 15, 2018

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Rich Phillips is a producer, screenwriter and president of I Risk Films based in Austin, Texas. An entrepreneur and communication strategist that has worked with the world's most innovative companies and thought leaders from technology, government, art and science, Rich has helped develop stories and messaging to inspire and lead. I Risk Films is currently developing three feature films, including Find My Life, Warren Towers and Surrender My Soul . Go to bio