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From On High

A once-mighty megachurch in severe financial crisis goes into the weed business with the black sheep son of the family, a charismatic former preacher-turned grower.



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LEVON WESTON is flat broke, having lost customers to the dispensaries. But he thinks his luck’s about to change: he and partner-investors YAFFI and attorney MARV GREEN are about to attain a cultivation license so Levon can legally grow his ace weed strain Chateau Lafite.

Levon gets a surprise visit from dad ARTHUR and brother JOEL. Arthur wants Levon to help save Holy Calvary their financially ailing megachurch. Levon was a teen preaching prodigy. Levon turns them down- he left the preaching 20 years ago- but they’ve gotten under his skin.

After Levon’s turned down by the O.C. cannabis licensing board again for a prior conviction, Marv suggests that Levon sell weed to the dispensaries. But Levon has another idea—he’s going to quietly sell at Holy Calvary-- which, as it turns out, is legal. Deep down, the competitive Levon wants to show his brother that he’s still the better preacher.
Levon makes a surprise return to Holy Calvary, which is in disrepair. Arthur’s thrilled, but Joel’s suspicious and threatened.
To make Levon’s life difficult, Joel makes Levon preach to a group of grumpy Blue Hairs from a local Christian retirement home. Things are going bad, until Levon burns some weed incense. Levon now has a new group of happy, elderly customers (unbeknownst to Arthur and Joel). Happy that Levon’s made progress with the Blue Hairs, Arthur orders Joel to take Levon with him to a fundraising meeting with the wealthy MIMI KIM. Levon tanks the meeting and offends Mimi.
Meanwhile, Levon continues to preach and sell to the Blue Hairs—his weed eases their pain. In his own way, Levon is truly tending to his flock… that is, until Joel busts Levon’s operation and threatens to turn Joel in unless Levon apologizes to Mimi and promises never to return to Holy Calvary.

Levon attempts an apology, but an angry Mimi insults him. Levon goes on the offensive: once again, he tanks the meeting, making Mimi furious!

Joel reveals to Arthur what Levon’s been doing under the church’s noses. Arthur’s disappointed, but Levon turns the tables and proposes that the church quietly go into the weed business to make money. Joel’s offended, but Arthur (who once made moonshine) is eventually convinced and gives his “blessing.”
CUT TO: Mimi Kim in bed with Holy Calvary’s competitor Chad Mickelson. They decide to go after Holy Calvary for their own reasons and take them down!

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Semi-finalist, Slamdance Screenplay competition.

Submitted: July 6, 2020
Last Updated: July 6, 2020

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The Writer: Scott Boxenbaum

I'm a TV writer residing in LA. I have an MFA from USC film school and was a touring standup comic for over a decade. My web series, Fully Formed Adults, has gotten almost a million views on Facebook. My scripts have also placed in many contests. I specialize in comedy and dramedy writing. Go to bio

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