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Fully Formed Adults

Gen X screwup Sean is about the be evicted by his Millennial landlord Brandon for non-payment of rent. But Sean has stuff to trade!



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Former 90s indie-rocker and current stoner Gen X screwup SEAN, 40s, is woken up by his landlord, the entitled and smarmy BRANDON, 24. Brandon wants Sean out for non-payment of rent. Sean tries to trade records, with no success. But when Brandon finds out Sean played in semi-famous '90s shoegaze band Manda'try Panda, he invites Sean to a party. At the party, Sean meets Brandon's pill-popping mom and nerdy friends. Brandon gets Sean to jam with he and his doofy friends in exchange for 3 months' rent.

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More than 500k views on Facebook Watch.
Short Of The Week
Finalist, Best Web Series, Best Director, Best Lead Actor, Austin Revolution Film Festival
Best Series, Independent Shorts Awards
Best Series, Indie X Film Festival
Finalist, Best Series, Santa Monica Film Festival

Millennial landlord wants Gen X tenant Sean out. But Sean has stuff to trade!
Submitted: July 6, 2020
Last Updated: July 6, 2020

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The Writer: Scott Boxenbaum

I'm a TV writer residing in LA. I have an MFA from USC film school and was a touring standup comic for over a decade. My web series, Fully Formed Adults, has gotten almost a million views on Facebook. My scripts have also placed in many contests. I specialize in comedy and dramedy writing. Go to bio

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