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Garden of Delight

A man takes revenge on the people from his past by saving the life of a professional killer who becomes indebted to him.



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Marvin is unexpectedly fired from his job. He tells his wife Iris the news about his firing. She asks Marvin to take care of the house and to tend to their large garden while he is job searching to which Marvin agrees. He takes care of the house and looks at their gigantic sized garden. He decides to go to a restaurant/bar instead.

He saves a man from choking at the bar. The man introduces himself as Lloyd and that he is a professional killer. He asks Marvin whom he would like killed. Marvin tells Lloyd his ex-boss that just fired him.

Days later, he receives a phone call from Lloyd telling him "the project" is done and where Marvin would like the project sent to. Marvin tells him to bring it to the house. Marvin and Lloyd bury the body in the massive garden. Marvin tells Lloyd that he has other people he would like killed. Lloyd complies.With each body Lloyd and Marvin bury, the garden grows with various plants and vegetables. Iris and their friends are impressed with Marvin's new-found gardening abilities.

Marvin tends to the garden and it becomes an obsession. By working in the garden, his body transforms from being soft and flabby to hard and muscular. As his body has become hard and confident, so has his mind.

Marvin continues to tend to all the plants despite some close calls with the neighbors.

Iris and her neighborhood friend June walk around the garden. Iris complains that Marvin has changed. Iris tells June that her moving into the neighborhood was the best thing that has ever happened to her. They kiss and have sex in the garden. Marvin sees them through a sheer curtain in the living room.

Marvin tells Lloyd to kill his wife. Lloyd refuses. Marvin states to Lloyd that if he doesn't kill Iris, he will tell the police what he's done and that he was forced to bury the bodies in his backyard. Lloyd pulls out a gun and so does Marvin. The scene fades to black as two gunshots are heard.

Iris comes back from work and doesn't see Marvin anywhere. She tries to call him on his cell but no answer. She then goes out to the garden. She sees a new dirt mound and a blood trail. She turns around and sees Lloyd dead. Iris calls someone on her cell phone.

She digs a hole in the garden and buries Lloyd's body. Suddenly, two arms wrap around her. It is June. She asks if they can be together. Iris calls Marvin on her cell phone. She hears a muffled ring in the new dirt mound.

When Iris confirms to June that they can be together, they kiss and embrace. When Iris breaks away from the embrace, she realizes that June has mortally stabbed her. Iris dies.

Suddenly two arms wrap around June and a face comes into view. It is Marvin.

A flashback shows the standoff between Marvin and Lloyd ends up with Marvin killing Lloyd and making it look like Lloyd killed Marvin and then Lloyd dying in the process of burying Marvin.

Marvin lowers the dead body of Iris in a hole in the garden and begins to bury her. A flashback shows how Marvin discovered that Iris was attempting to murder him with the help of Lloyd.

Marvin finishes burying Iris and goes to June. They kiss and embrace. June will play this role...for now.

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Best Unproduced Screenplay - Antwerp Film Fest International - 2021
1st Runner Up - UK Film Festival - 2017

Submitted: June 18, 2020
Last Updated: October 17, 2022

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The Writer: Paul Grammatico

Forbidden to see graphic films as a child and limited to edited TV movies, I received my horror information second hand through stories from older friends and siblings. I also vacationed in a desolate cottage, raised in houses with creepy basements, and lived in an apartment with a “full torso apparition”. Inspired by my experiences, I am a multi-award-winning screenwriter with an affinity of the weird and unexplained. Go to bio

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