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A young girl born with paranormal abilities is abducted as part of a covert government experiment. Her father and his estranged brother must rescue her whilst exposing a secret about the origins of human life.



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97% of our human DNA is ‘inactive’. Scientists cannot explain why and dismiss it as an evolutionary aberration.

But Professor Mike Hammond has uncovered a secret about the origin of human life that, if revealed, would change the world.

He has discovered that our DNA has been tampered with over millennia in order to accelerate our evolution. The dormant DNA is waiting to be activated as a catalyst for the next stage in the development of our species.

And the secret? Extra-terrestrials have manufactured human beings.

They have encoded in our genetic makeup the ability to develop extra-ordinary powers to enable us to bring about a New Earth – a world where there is no war, prejudice, or fear: a world where our minds are free.

The US Government knows this, and it knows the extra-terrestrials are coming back to Earth to finish the work they started.

It also knows Mike has discovered this secret and must be silenced.

However, the heart of our story centers on Amelia, Mike’s niece. She has already begun to develop extra-ordinary abilities.

But she is alone, an outsider, and does not understand why she has been gifted with such powers. Even her father, Paul Hammond, lives in denial and fear of her abilities, causing a rift between him and his brother, until…

Amelia is abducted and taken to a government facility – controlled by the sadistic General Xander – where the military is running covert experiments on dozens of gifted children; experiments in harnessing their powers for one sole purpose: war against the extra-terrestrials.

But when the extra-terrestrials do return to our world, will their message be one of peace or war?

The estranged brothers are reunited in their mission to rescue Amelia: Paul must protect his daughter at all costs; and Mike must protect the secret he has uncovered.

Meanwhile, Amelia must understand her role in creating the New Earth, and Xander must protect the human race from what he believes to be an imminent invasion…

Submitted: April 23, 2021
Last Updated: April 23, 2021

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The Writer: Michael Farrell

Michael J. Farrell is a screenplay writer, novelist, and occasional poet based in Lancashire, United Kingdom. He completed his PhD in English Literature in 2010 from the University of Oxford and his first book was published in 2014. Previous to that he studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Film Studies. Michael specializes in high-concept, highly-marketable movies within the genres of drama, thriller, and science fiction. He has a penchant for the supernatural, exploring the liminal space between the magical and the real. His work centers on the themes of morality, memory, and transience. Outside of writing, Michael is a certified Life Coach and University... Go to bio
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