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The Perfect Man

Eugen Sandow – an orphan who rose to international celebrity as “the strongest man in the world” – must confront his lust for fame in order to save his marriage and discover his true identity.



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At an early age, Sandow is bursting with ambition and hope, yet is thrust into the cutthroat world of music hall entertainment where his intrinsic values are challenged by the materialism and cynicism of the era.

Sandow’s early-year experiences of rejection from his adoptive father and peers drives him to an obsession with the underground circus: the strongman is just that; a man of brute strength, able to fight and to survive. In the figure of the strongman, Sandow identifies with man as fighter and survivor, which catalyses his career into wrestling and subsequently the circus.

After meeting his mentor Professor Atilla in Brussels at the age of nineteen, Sandow is trained as an entertainer, competing in numerous strongman acts, until being crowed the strongest man in the world following a showdown with the then strongest man, Charles Sampson.

It is at this mid-point in the film that Sandow marries his sweetheart, Blanche Brooks. Blanche is Sandow’s first love and the mother to his two daughters. She provides the heart of the film and represents the values of loyalty, family, and domestic life in stark contrast to the demands placed upon Sandow as a public, peripatetic entertainer who is confronted with temptation and scandal at every turn.

Sandow is a conflicted man, not only torn between his artistic integrity and the commercial pressures of an ever-increasing industrialized society; but torn between his desire for international renown and his need for genuine, familial love.

It is the failed relationship between Sandow and Blanche in the third Act that ultimately leads to his downfall: his transformational arc is a tragic one; from a man consumed by an insatiable ambition to change the world, to an alienated bygone without a family, identity, or legacy.

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Last Updated: April 8, 2021

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The Writer: Michael Farrell

Michael J. Farrell is a screenplay writer, novelist, and occasional poet based in Lancashire, United Kingdom. He completed his PhD in English Literature in 2010 from the University of Oxford and his first book was published in 2014. Previous to that he studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Film Studies. Michael specializes in high-concept, highly-marketable movies within the genres of drama, thriller, and science fiction. He has a penchant for the supernatural, exploring the liminal space between the magical and the real. His work centers on the themes of morality, memory, and transience. Outside of writing, Michael is a certified Life Coach and University... Go to bio
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