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Gongoro and the Search of the Legendary Falcon

After a natural disaster strikes his tropical home, a young falcon travels to Mt. Everest in search of a legendary hero to help save his family and community.



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GONGORO, a young falcon, dreams of being like ZARATOR, the legendary hero who saved falcons from dying in a storm in the Alps and brought them to the magical Tintin island, where they now live in safety and no longer need to fly.

As they commemorate their arrival on the island, an earthquake and tsunami destroy their home. It causes the death of several falcons and leaves the soil submerged. ARTHUR, Gongoro's father and leader of the falcons, decides that they should fly again, but CUS, a council member, thinks differently. He devises a plan to destroy Arthur and become the new leader.

Even though no one has seen Zarator in many years, Arthur tasks Gongoro with finding him. Gongoro solves a riddle and risks his life to get a talisman that points to a location far from the island. Thus, following his instinct, he embarks on the quest.

After getting caught in a tornado, Gongoro wakes up scared in Cartagena. He meets a mysterious woman named MYSTIC and her four fantastic birds: JULIO, LISS, VINCE, and SOPHIE.

To track down a new clue, Gongoro learns to fly correctly with Julio's help, silence his negative thoughts with Vince's help, and calm his emotions thanks to Sophie. Thus he solves a second riddle and discovers that Zarator is on Mount Everest.

Gongoro decides to take a plane to get there on time, but after two failed attempts to sneak into one, he devises an ingenious plan: he disguises himself as the bird of a professional climber named BENJAMIN, and with the help of Liss, they open the cage and make the exchange.

When Benjamin discovers that his beloved bird has been switched, he is furious and sells Gongoro to cruel black market pirates. Locked in a dark basement along with many other birds, Gongoro devises a way to escape. However, while he helps other birds, the pirates capture him and cut off his wings.

Gongoro is devastated, as is Benjamin, who returns remorseful and buys him back. Together they discover a magical way to communicate and decide to work as a team to reach Everest's peak.

Gongoro and Benjamin have little time to complete the mission and face many complications: bad weather, accidents, and an avalanche. They get trapped in a cave, and Benjamin becomes hypothermic. Meanwhile, Tintin Island sinks, and the falcons run out of food.

Alone and without wings, Gongoro faces his most challenging obstacle. To overcome it, he must learn an important lesson: "to get higher, he doesn't need wings."

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Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Animation Competition 2022

Top 29% Coverfly Projects

"Universal, elevated story" - ScriptReaderPro

"Very promising story" - ScreenCraft Reader

Submitted: August 4, 2021
Last Updated: September 13, 2022

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The Writer: Josue Fernandez

Josue Fernandez is a screenwriter from Bogota City. Josue's passion for writing spawned from a desire to inspire people to believe in themselves. His most recent script, "Gongoro and the search of the legendary falcon," is a family-animation feature that shows the importance of trust and teamwork when facing challenging obstacles. After being a successful executive in a software company for more than ten years, Josue felt the need to inspire people everywhere to become their best version. He found that, just as in Business, great storytelling is the way to boost humanity. So he decided to write captivating screenplays besides writing valuable code. Go to bio