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A couple of stoners must use a Ouija Board to summon the spirit of their dead grandmother in order to locate her mredical marijuana stash, or else spend the entire wake unstoned.

When at their grandmother's wake, Carlos and Mo realise they've run out of weed. Remembering Grandma had a prescription for medical marijuana, they go hunting for it.

Whilst searching fruitlessly, they find a Ouija Board and decide to summon the spirit of Grandma so she can tell them where it is.

She tells them and they make a spliff. However, there is screaming from downstairs.

They head down to find Grandma sitting up in her coffin, very much undead. Her widower -- who killed her -- is forced to see her. Before he can properly react, she sinks her teeth into his neck. He falls down dead, and everyone -- apart from Carlos and Mo -- rushes out of the wake, knocking the casket over in the process.

Grandmas crawls across the floor towards Mo and Carlos and stands up.

She reaches out and grabs the spliff from Mo's pocket and asks for a light.

The three of them then sit in the living room, listening to Grandma's old records, getting high, as she recounts embarrassing stories about the family.

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A couple of stoners must use a Ouija Board to summon the spirit of their
dead grandmother in order to locate her medical marijuana stash,
or else spend the entire wake unstoned.

Irreverent grandparents are always a guaranteed laugh on film. But in Grandma-Z, writer Craig Thomas brings us even more: a comedy/horror featuring a badass grandparent that can still wreak hell on earth - even after she passes on.

As the script opens, meet Carlos and Mo: two stoners who realize their biggest fear at their Grandmother’s wake. Even worse than losing beloved Nana… they’ve run out of weed!

All seems lost, until Mo remembers his Grandmother’s medical quirks and cures. Through the use of a Ouija Board, they reach out to their dearly missed relative to help them locate her stash:

A room full of mourners. To one side is an open casket. Inside is GRANDMA. Very much dead.

Beside it stands MO (20s) and CARLOS (20s).

Remember how everyone said she's outlive us both?
Well, I was dead that one time, but that was only for a little bit.
Still, this sucks.

Oh man.

I know.

How could this happen?

She was old and angry.
Her heart finally just popped.
Like a wrinkly balloon left in the sun.

Oh, not that. We're out of weed.

Carlos looks at the empty baggie in Mo's hand. He’d been slyly preparing a spliff on the edge of the casket… but now:


HOWARD and STELLA watch from across the room.

They must have been really close.

Wait, didn't grandma have glaucoma?

I think so. Why?

Mo smiles across from Carlos. Slow realization spreads across his face.

Flash forward to the Oujia Board.

Before one can conjure Cheech and Chong, Grandma is successfully reached from beyond - and her precious weed found.  

But on returning to the wake, these two loveable stoners - and the rest of the mourners - encounter a turn of events no-one could predict.
Cue Grandma: rising from her open casket with a grisly case of the munchies, hell bent on reclaiming what’s hers.

With witty dialogue and comedic storyline that keeps the reader hooked, Grandma-Z is a gem of a screenplay; one that serves up horror with a smile. Any indie fan can testify: stoner humor’s always a hit when done right. Splice in some Cryptkeeper yucks, and this is one little script you should bring to life!


Review by Cam Gray
Submitted: November 8, 2018
Last Updated: November 8, 2018

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The Writer: Craig Thomas

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