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On The Pull



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A woman flees from an unstoppable force, that will stop at nothing to catch her.

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On the Pull

The hunt is on.

The hunted: A terrified woman.

The hunter: A thing. A thing that’s On The Pull.

The prey manages to dart through her front door, up the stairs, and into her bedroom, locking everything behind her that can be locked. She’s safe.

Until she isn’t.

You see, her predator can’t and won’t be stopped by mere locks.

And he’s a lot closer to her than she thinks…

Which may prove a problem when she attempts to reach the only safe way out: the window.

If she reaches it safely, the hunt will continue. If she doesn’t, she’ll be dragged into a nightmare from which there is no escape…

With two pages of tension building before an ending that’s out of this world (quite literally), On The Pull mixes the shock twists of Shyamalan with endless possibilities for Hitchcock-esque suspense shots, all packed densely into three pace-setting pages. Pull this beauty before anyone else can steal it from you!

Review by Hamish Porter
Submitted: February 9, 2017
Last Updated: March 28, 2017

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The Writer: Craig Thomas

UK-based screenwriter who likes to dabble in all genres. If you like something, but isn't quite what you're looking for let me know and maybe we can get something more suitable sorted. Go to bio

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