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1960, young lovers are attacked on lover’s lane, horrifying the citizens of Portland, Oregon. Leading the authorities on a decade long trail of twists, turns, dead-ends in a desperate quest to find the truth.



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Phillip Margolin novel "Heartstone"

Heartstone places Detective Roy Shephard, a street smart, married to the job cop, right in the center of one of the most shocking crimes in the history of Portland. Driven by the memory of the unsolved murder of a rookie police offer, his younger brother, Shephard develops a maniacal obsession with the case, pursues every lead, every scrap of evidence, every possible witness to the crime that leaves two privileged young lives cut short. A string of clues point to Billy and Bobby Coolidge, two street toughs, with a reputation of violence and a contempt for “rich kids”, and a possible witness to the crime, Esther Fremont. The crime goes unsolved for a decade until Willie Heartstone, a two bit street punk psychopath, and person of interest, offers up a death bed confession. A dying wretch’s confession that opens up the doors for the truth to make itself known, the unanticipated, twisted, sick truth.

Submitted: April 18, 2021
Last Updated: August 20, 2021

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The Writer: Michael F. Williams

Michael is a graduate of Portland State University majoring in theater arts and additional studies in film and criminology. He also holds an associate degree in criminal justice from Portland Community College. Michael is a member of Phi Theta Kappa international honor society and a decorated combat veteran. As a filmmaker, Michael has dozens of commercial/industrial productions under his belt. He has served as producer, writer, director, editor, camera operator and numerous combinations of these crafts in the course of his filmmaking career, working for such notables as Intel, FLIR Systems, and Fairchild Semi-conductor. Partnering with Robert Biheller, a veteran Hollywood writer for... Go to bio

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