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Heavens gate.



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For two thousand years, Cronos have fought the armies of humanity to defend heaven’s gate, using what lies inside for their own personal gain. Now, a resistance fighter risks her life to get it back.

Luci Camillo having escaped from two Cronos agents makes her way inside an abandoned orphanage, in search of Heavens gate. Whilst inside she searches the entire building for this mystical gateway, before becoming aware of mystical music nearby. She makes her way towards it encountering a doorway with light spilling out from it, she opens the door and pushes her way through the mystical portal whilst it electrocutes her.

Once inside she discovers this is what she has been searching for and makes her way back out. Once outside however the two Cronos agents who were following her, round a corner and notice her. They capture her and drug her.

Luci comes to, bound in a chair in an abandoned hall inside the orphanage.

The Cronos agents explain why the doorway can never be found, lest they lose their grip on humanity and using the door for their own benefit. They leave Luci to die. However, being trained in the art of espionage; Luci escapes and leaves to tell the world of the discovery.

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The Writer: Will Hudson

Student studying film production in the Uk, write as much as i can when i have an idea in my spare time. So far have one Tv script that i lost the pdf for, 5 shorts and a full length 105 page feature film with another 20 pages in The goal is to become a director some day :) First feature script placed in the quarter finals of the Shore Scripts 2016 competition Go to bio

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