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Hell Keeper

An American Special Force Assassin in his retirement finds himself in the middle of a dispute between two drug Lords after his brother was assassinated.



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Yaroslav late 50s, being an ambitious volatile man who takes no for an answer, and desire to take everything within his grasp for himself; finds himself in a dispute with an old friend who is now his nemesis, Pablo Sanchez, late 50s, a Mexican vengeful and witty drug Lord.

Both Yaroslav and Pablo seek ways to hurt and take control of each other’s business ground. Pablo Sanchez is forced to approach Jack Hess, late 30s, an American Special Force Assassin, for his exemplary skills, for a job to assassinate Yaroslav. Yaroslav too is compelled to approaching Jack willing to double Pablo’s offer if Jack would assassinate Pablo.

For the deep affections Jack shares with his newly lover, April, 30s, strong-will and compassionate Lady; Jack is obliged to retire from the field turning down both Pablo’s and Yaroslav’s offer and focus on establishing a family with April.
Six (6) years later, on an ordinary morning, Jack is visited by his long deserted brother, Peter, 30s, the man with a big mouth, who has this knack of always finding himself in trouble for help. Jack turned down Peter’s cry for help because he thinks of Peter as too much of a trouble and wouldn’t risk involving his family in any Peter’s illegal business.

Thirty-six (36) hours later, Bryan 40s, FBI agent, visited Jack with the news of Peter’s death, presenting a leading suspect to him: Pablo Sanchez, Jack’s old acquaintance. Jack’s heart is filled with guilt and regrets.
Peter’s funeral is over; an SUV drives into the scene. General River 60s, and Josh 50s, head of the Bureau division steps out to meet Jack. Both River and Josh confirmed Pablo’s involvement in Peter’s death, and ordered Jack to stand down. But Jack will not. He is faced with one choice, seek and avenge his brother’s murderer to clear his conscience.

April, Jack’s wife is upset when Jack finally decided to resume his work only to find brother’s murderer. Jack manages to convince April and Sophia 6-10, his daughter, to seeking hiding with his old nemesis, Shaun 40s, who is now a friend.

Teaser Ending:
In three days, Jack seeks out Pablo, burning Pablo’s warehouses after warehouses until he has Pablo trapped in one spot, back home in Mexico. Without hesitation, Jack makes a trip to Mexico, where he finishes Pablo off in his own mansion.

Actual Ending:
The night of the same day Pablo is assassinated by Jack, back in Jack’s home, Jack is faced with dozens of gunmen seeking to kill him. April is caught in the middle of gunfire and ends up in a coma. At that moment, Jack discovers the truth from Bryan who has been taking wrong orders from Josh, that Peter’s murderer wasn’t in fact Pablo but Pablo’s nemesis, Yarosalv.

Submitted: April 26, 2018
Last Updated: May 3, 2018

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The Writer: Philip E. Odiete

Philip E. Odiete is an International Author, a Public Speaker, and a Screenwriter. He's been a writer for at least 9 years now with a strong writing experience and has dozens of written projects and completed screenplays to his name. He is a movie Director and producer from his local region with good credits to his name. Philip E. Odiete is also an entrepreneur, the Co-founder of Prephillscupid LLC. He graduated from the National Open University with a B.Sc Degree on Environmental Science and Geology. His passion for story-telling and motion pictures takes him into the literary world, and the industry of film-making. Are you out there with an idea/story you'd like to put into a screenplay?... Go to bio

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