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Katherine Irbs

After her 6 years old daughter is kidnapped for her skills - A former Federal Agent, Katherine Irbs is compelled to work for a terrorist group of Russian mob against her country.



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Former Federal Agent, Katherine Irbs, is still suffering from the trauma of losing her husband, Nathan Sanders, struggles to be a good mother to her six [6] year old daughter Daniela, and a better daughter to her mother, Hannah.

For her skills and her past experience with the Russian mob, Katherine is approached by the Bureau for her help in stopping the terrorist group before they emerge. But Katherine turned the Bureau down over the grief of her late Husband, Nathan, who also was a Federal Agent undercover with the Russian mob.

It was during school hour; Katherine received a call from an UNKNOWN CALLER who claims to be in custody of her daughter Daniella. Immediately she rushed down to the school only to confirm Daniella was gone. After receiving warning from the group not to involve the police, Katherine meets with her friend, BISHOP, Director of the Bureau for help. But Bishop turned her turned her down, for what it seem at first.

Katherine was summoned by Mohammed, Head of the Group, to carry her first task – with her daughter used as leverage, Katherine is duty-bound to aid the terrorist group in conveying nuclear materials into the city and targeting them in the remote places of the city. This drives the Bureau focus from finding the Terrorist Group to finding Katherine: with their finest Field Agent, Curtez leading the operation.

Mohammed next demand was a copy of a recording which was stashed under Katherine custody by Nathan. Mohammed knew Daniella was his only leverage to get Katherine cooperation; it was this moment he brought in Nathan who was suppose to be dead.

When she is faced with the final task of assassinating the President of the United States, Katherine takes the high road when she confronts the Federal Agent hunting her, and corners the Bureau Security Analyst in his home seeking for their help. Now, with time running out, Katherine must Safe her country and not lose her daughter in the process, or She and her daughter will both face certain death.

Submitted: April 24, 2018
Last Updated: May 24, 2018

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The Writer: Philip E. Odiete

Philip E. Odiete is an International Author, a Public Speaker, and a Screenwriter. He's been a writer for at least 9 years now with a strong writing experience and has dozens of written projects and completed screenplays to his name. He is a movie Director and producer from his local region with good credits to his name. Philip E. Odiete is also an entrepreneur, the Co-founder of Prephillscupid LLC. He graduated from the National Open University with a B.Sc Degree on Environmental Science and Geology. His passion for story-telling and motion pictures takes him into the literary world, and the industry of film-making. Are you out there with an idea/story you'd like to put into a screenplay?... Go to bio

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