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1980 Script "Hero At Large" by A. J. Carothers
Steve Nichols is full-time struggling actor propelled into self-made reputation of crimefighter after besting would-be mugger on subway car in full costume...and in full view of adoring and awestruck public.

This is an original screenplay adaptation of a 1980 script by A.J. Carothers by the same name. The original film starred John Ritter and Anne Archer. While I loved the original film, I was always left with a sense of disappointment by the ending and often dreamt of writing it differently.

The story follows Steve, an often out-of-work actor who takes a gig playing a generic superhero for a local comic book shop. While on his way to the job, he's called and given the bad news that he no longer has the job as it was given on a full-time basis to another actor. He's told to return the costume when he can. On the subway back home again, still wearing the costume sans the mask, a mugger brandishing a gun announces that he's robbing the train car. While the man argues with an old woman about her jewelry, Steve dons the mask slowly, then stands and disarms the mugger, knocking him to the ground. The onlookers are amazed and he directs one of the passengers to call the police. When the subway stops, he disappears neatly into the crowd.

That evening, Steve is excited to see all the news carrying various stories about the mysterious hero. Should he continue this dangerous charade or simply hand in the costume and never reveal his story?

Needless to say, he makes the fateful decision to continue being a superhero, only to find out that there are very dangerous people in the world...sometimes, those to whom we are closest.

Submitted: January 4, 2020
Last Updated: January 7, 2020

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The Writer: Barry A. A. Dillinger

Alaskan husband and papa of 5, proud US Army veteran, screenwriter, novelist. Currently living in Ketchikan, AK, and working on my ninth screenplay and eighth novel. I am the author of the Shadow Ruins series, two of the four-book series already published. Go to bio

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