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High Lands

Two brutal thieves go on the run after a robbery, but they find that greed, jealousy and paranoia invades their escape with devastating consequences.



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Two thieves get away with hundreds of thousands of pounds when they rob a family of restaurant & bar owners but find that their plan to hide out in the Highlands of Scotland for two weeks camping leads to deceit, mistrust and envy ending in bloodshed and death.
After Simon and Peter successfully rob the Berlotti family of their weekend takings they head north and the Highlands of Scotland for two weeks camping. All part of the plan. But once they are there, they succumb to envy, greed and paranoia. Simon has hidden the bag containing the booty but has not told Peter where.

Peter is angry at this mistrust from his partner in crime and supposed friend and they argue. One thing leads to another and Peter kills Simon thinking that he knows where the money is hidden. Once he finds the bag he discovers that it is filled with stones and dirt.

Angrier now he heads back to the campsite and the dead Simon. On the way back he remembers that they spent time on an outcrop of rock looking out over a valley and a long loch. Once there he sees that there is another backpack stuffed into a hollow on the rock's face.

Peter carefully attempts to climb down the front of the rock face. He reaches for the bag as he gets near, but stumbles and falls the 50 odd feet below, breaking both legs and his shoulder. He can't move. As he looks up he sees that they bag has split open and all the cash is swirling about in the wind.

Submitted: June 14, 2021
Last Updated: June 14, 2021

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The Writer: Terry Dray

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