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Hole In One Of The Dead

A greedy land developer builds a luxury golf resort on top of a former cemetery.



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A group of teenagers sneak onto a recently constructed golf course before the grand opening weekend. They’re having fun: pranks, booze, drugs, sex. But then zombies appear and eat everybody. Greedy developer George Bridges thinks a wild animal killed the kids so he orders course manager Krem Smith to mislead the authorities to cover up the deaths. Marvin Brady, the newly hired police Chief of nearby Tierra Verde, can’t find any proof but he can tell that surly old groundskeeper Angus ‘Mac’ MacGilininny knows more than he admits. Mac tinkers with chemicals in a homemade lab at night.

Paranormal researcher Dr. Cassandra Fortinbras arrives to prove her theory that golf courses are focal points for negative psychic energy and Chief Marvin Brady agrees to help her. Krem Smith destroys evidence in a city office proving that the new golf course was built on an abandoned town, and the 18th hole in particular is built over the old town cemetery. Two thieves break into the golf course at night to steal things but are dispatched by zombies. Event Coordinator Tiffany Featherstone arranges a large celebrity golf tournament and gala. George Bridges threatens the Chief if he interferes with the grand opening.

Celebrities start arriving for an international charity golf event. The Chief, Mac, and Doctor team up to investigate an old mine shaft that runs under the gold course. The Chief’s favorite deputy, Pudley, tries to stop a zombie during the opening ceremony but it turns out to be an actor in a costume promoting some dumb film. Pudley is nearly killed by private security and George Bridges orders course personnel to keep local officials off the grounds. The Chief, Mac, and the Doctor discover a horde of zombies underneath the course. Tiffany Featherstone has a confused migrant worker set up too many fireworks in an attempt at a world record.

George Bridges orders Krem to set off the giant fireworks display which blows up the ground and unleashes hundreds of zombies at once. All of the thinly-veiled celebrity cameos get ripped apart and eaten in hilariously ironic ways. Tiffany cowardly flees in an SUV but she crashes the car into a generator which causes a big explosion, knocking out the power and setting the golf course on fire. Flaming zombies attack people. Krem gets his head ripped off and George Bridges gets ripped in half. Mac reveals deadly poison they can pump into the course sprinklers. The sprinkler pump control room is surrounded by too many zombies so Mac leads a brave distraction mission allowing Chief and Dr to pump the poison into the sprinklers. Mac starts to die so he sets off some dynamite to die with dignity. The Chief and the Dr activate the sprinklers and melt all the zombies. The survivors cheer the Chief and the Dr and they kiss.

Submitted: December 2, 2020
Last Updated: February 20, 2021

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The Writer: Scott Lewis

I grew up loving movies. Too much late-night TV, video stores. I can't be saved. Now I will write them. As a teenager I made videos and have been a PA on set. Creatively I am most interested in making people laugh or think. Go to bio

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