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Kill Ball

During a worldwide pandemic, street gangs compete for territory in violent DIY sports.



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First the Virus, then the Collapse, now the Games…

Act One: After the collapse of society, Manhattan Island has descended into anarchy. Alex lives in a settlement with his girlfriend Beth where the people do not participate in the nightly bloodsport. Alex however longs for danger and adventure. Caleb dares Alex to sneak out one night and retrieve a trophy to ward off invaders. Alex agrees and is quickly swept up into the dangerous world of the Games. Alex survives, wins a match, and returns with the trophy.

Act Two-A: After a taste of danger, Alex cannot go back to his normal boring life and soon abandons Beth and the settlement. Caleb plots to steal Beth for himself, and to violently establish himself as the sole power in the settlement. Alex becomes a valuable player on an important team.

Act Two-B: Alex is enslaved in the plantation. Caleb takes control of the settlement and acquires more territory through murder and coercion. A teenager from the settlement finds Alex and convinces him to escape and return to his home settlement. Alex competes in a violent basketball game to protect a small group. The teenager is lost, and Alex must flee monstrous cannibals, but discovers a key piece of information.

Act Three: Alex learns Caleb plots to flee the island with Beth and block the path behind him. The big meeting between the most powerful leaders on the island descends into chaos when one of them dies. Caleb escapes into the jungles of New Jersey but Alex manages to follow him. Alex defeats Caleb once and for all. Alex and Beth are left to start a new world in an unsullied jungle paradise.

Submitted: February 16, 2021
Last Updated: February 16, 2021

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The Writer: Scott Lewis

I grew up loving movies. Too much late-night TV, video stores. I can't be saved. Now I will write them. As a teenager I made videos and have been a PA on set. Creatively I am most interested in making people laugh or think. Go to bio

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