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How does it feel to be a woman?



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Three women in Los Angeles encounter the same man, who claims to be a casting director and producer, unaware of his sexual misconduct history.

Allison Garfunkel, Diane Acosta, and Bridget Mayweather, are three women living in Los Angeles, California, all in hopes of pursuing a career in acting. Allison is a struggling actress whose popularity declined after being a child star; Diane is a well-known actress and model with a confusing way of doing schedules; Bridget is a university student majoring in Psychology who takes part in her institution’s theatre department, and works at least two jobs to make a living.

Their lives are changed forever when they come across a man named Daniel Richards, who claims to be a casting director and producer at Looming Film Partners involved in several media projects. Little do they know that Daniel has a long history of sexual misconduct, harassment, and even assault, one that causes a lingering impact on the many women that he comes across. Why not enough people know about this remains a mystery, even to our three female protagonists.

This motion picture tells the story of Allison, Diane, and Bridget’s meeting with Daniel, how they find out about his inappropriate sexual behavior, and the actions that they take against him, so much so for every other woman he has put in danger. By hearing their stories, you will soon understand how does it feel to be a woman.

Submitted: August 29, 2019
Last Updated: August 29, 2019

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The Writer: Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen (who goes by the penname “Fujiko Mune”) is currently a student at Lenoir-Rhyne University studying Information Technology. However, he feels that he has other pursuits on his mind. Perhaps his biggest ambition is to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, whether it be in acting or specifically script-writing in this case, among others. He finds this to be a main goal in his lifetime he feels is truly worth pursuing, but since he’s still a university student, he has plenty of time to consider. Under the Fujiko Mune penname, and with a unique interest in the Japanese language and culture, Michael is the creator of the current seven-episode Japanese manga series... Go to bio

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