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Pam, a scientist at PharmaTek, inexplicably wakes up invisible. With her new powers, she exposes her boss' plot to hook the world on pricey drugs. Can Pam and her unlikely squad save the day?



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INVISIBLE is a feature-length action-comedy. Dr. Pam Perdue is a brilliant research scientist at PharmaTek, just like her mother who disappeared under mysterious circumstances when Pam was 13. Despite being the lead researcher on Prevento, a new anti-aging drug about to hit the market, Pam doesn’t get the accolades she deserves. Sigh… Just another day at the office.

One morning, after she inexplicably wakes up invisible, Brandon, her bestie (and self-described superhero expert), puts her through hysterical training day hijinks to help her control her newfound powers, and is ultimately super disappointed that her powers appear to only help her spy on people and eat lots of snacks (when her blood sugar is low, she can’t control her powers).

The next day, back at work, Calvin Mansfield, PharmaTek’s brainy but naive CEO, finally asks Pam out. During their awkward date, Pam starts flickering and Calvin discovers her secret. That night, back at PharmaTek, they stumble upon Cooper Mansfield (Calvin’s ruthless sister) conducting strange experiments on an eager lab intern, who ages then regresses to a baby before our eyes. She’s using Pam’s research to make a weaponized gas for her plot to hook the world on their overpriced drugs.

Pam, Brandon, Calvin and his super smart squirrel team up and race to the Physicians United Services (PUS) Conference to stop Cooper from enacting her evil plan. They succeed in stopping her Plan A but later find themselves on the roof of PharmaTek for Plan B, Cooper’s army of drones is ready to unleash the gas on an unsuspecting city.

In a world of mystery and weird science, can Pam and her unlikely squad stop Cooper and save the day?

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Will Forte
Jim Rash
Tony Cavalero

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2021 Stage32 Comedy Screenplay Contest Semi-finalist.
Coverfly Top 15% Script (Overall)

Trailer for our Virtual Table Read with Will Forte, Jim Rash, Edi Patterson & Tony Cavalero. Full Table Read available upon request.
Submitted: June 12, 2021
Last Updated: November 9, 2021

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The Writer: Krista Gano

Krista Gano began her successful career in the entertainment industry at the young age of 22, when she starred in and produced the independent film, CHICKS, MAN. She continued her education in the entertainment industry by immersing herself in the business aspect of Hollywood, spending the next five years as an assistant to Dustin Hoffman. Krista eventually moved back to theatre and worked with Tony Award-winning producer, Steven Eich, at the Geffen Playhouse. It was there that she refined her business skills by learning how to bridge the communication gap between management and artists. In 2002, Krista moved on to the Groundlings Theatre, where she held the position of Executive Director... Go to bio
Manager: Carey Nelson Burch