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It Really Did Fall Off the Truck



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Two wise guys deal with the accidental death of a friend the only way they know how - make it look like murder. After all, they've got a reputation to uphold.

A wise guy trying to surprise his wife with a new refrigerator finds that things don't go as planned when his associate, who is supplying the item and has made his living by selling merchandise that has fallen off the back of trucks, is killed when the refrigerator literally falls off the back of the truck and crushes him. Now, the wise guy and his friend must dispose of the corpse before his wife gets home. All while having a discussion on philosophy, art, and the afterlife.

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The Writer: stevie T

About the Author: He’s an optimistic cynic who sees the glass as half full but somebody probably spit in it that defines himself an artist, writer, and filmmaker. He worked in Hollywood for a number of years in a creative supervisory position at a major before moving on to become a serial entrepreneur working as a marketing genius advisor to or co-founder of several unique startups across a broad spectrum from tech to sustainability to sports. He is also a patent holder. His favorite color is spaghetti and if he had one wish in this world he’d put it in a drawer forget where he left it. Go to bio

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