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Destiny’s a bitch, especially if you’re the chosen one fated to save the world from Nazis and ninjas using your superpowers, the only problem, figuring out how to summon those powers since you never studied.

The legend begins in the cornfields of Indiana 1908, a tornado rips through a small town and carries off an infant child. The child is discovered two days later unscathed in a field, adopted by the entire community and re-christen Tornado Rider Rhodes.

The story then catapults to the skies over Mainland China circa 1938 where war with the Japanese brews and we find Tornado Rider Rhodes piloting a cargo plane along with her trusty sidekick and co-pilot Whiskey Callahan as their flight is interrupted by stowaway Japanese soldiers bent on hijacking the plane and diverting a weapons shipment. Soldiers subdued, the cargo and now prisoners are re-routed to some friends at the gateway to Tibet. It is here that Rhodes reconnects with a spiritual master and learns of her destiny to battle evil and save the world using mysterious superpowers. The only problem, she has no idea what they are or how to summon them since she never studied while she was at the monastery.

On the heels of this, Rhodes finds that an ex-boyfriend complicates the situation when he inadvertently makes Rhodes’ hometown the focus of attention for some nefarious individuals which propels her into an action-packed adventure involving an heirloom samurai sword and a newly unearthed flying saucer as Rhodes and crew are chased out of China by ninjas and into Canada with stops in San Francisco and Nevada while trying to deliver a human cargo who holds the key to unlocking an ancient mystery. Many adventures unfurl along the journey as they fight and fly their way to their destination and delivery of the package. Once in Canada, they come across menacing adversaries and a Nazi plot to win World War II before it starts by effectively locking the US out of any impending conflict. Yet all of that is secondary when it comes to protecting her hometown and, by virtue of, her extended family as she tries to activate her "Chosen One" powers while being needled for not having superpowers by her ever-present sidekick, Whiskey Callahan.

A multitude of obstacles lie in their path and are overcome in spectacular cinematic set pieces that interweave organically throughout the narrative as our reluctant hero, Rhodes, does whatever it takes to attain her goal of retrieving a sword misappropriated in transit because destiny be damned, she’s got a shipping manifest to rectify, not to mention, a town to save and, if at all possible, powers to harness. After all, even with all the buckle swashing, this is ultimately a story about delivery personnel, a girl with deep roots who learns that being an orphan doesn't mean you don't have family, and a hometown worth fighting to save.

The tenor creates a synergy between serious action and witty situational dialogue delivered through infectious banter which creates effortless humor against daredevil exploits in this highly polished character driven tale that deftly employs subversion and reinvention of tropes and clichés to keep the story fresh and contemporary without corrupting its period sensibility and all the while deconstructing the dogma of the institutionalized motion picture hero myth.

All Accolades & Coverage: 

2nd Place Action/Adventure, StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest 2018

Silver Medal, Screenplay, Depth of Field International Film Festival 2018

Honourable Mention, London Film Awards 2018

Quarterfinalist, Scriptapaloza 2018

Nominated For Best Blockbuster, 2018 Oaxaca FilmFest

WINNER, Best Poster Art at the Alternative Film Fest 2019

OFFICIAL SELECTION, American Screenwriters Conference 2019

SEMI-FINALIST, Rhode Island International Film Festival 2019

Coverage Notes:

I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever read a script as unique and “out there” as this one - I mean this as a compliment. Along with the unique world, the characters and overall plot seem to really work well throughout.

First off, you need to know that all your characters were very well developed. Every character seemed to have a nice character arc, specific goals to achieve and interesting traits to keep the readers invested.

It was definitely interesting, to say the least. It went all over the map and back as it touched upon adventure/sci- fi/comedy/western. It truly felt like an Indiana Jones story but with a unique tone and twist on it.

Structurally the script was perfect. You had a very obvious inciting incident, turning points, midpoint, and climax.

Brilliant! At no point did I feel the dialogue marched in place, was on-the-nose or expositional. Every time someone spoke it either pushed the story forward or expanded on their character - great job.

Obviously, this is a high concept script as it’s every genre jammed into one. I do think this is a very sellable feature for young and old audiences alike should there be the financial backing to get this off the ground.

Unique, strange, fun, funny and entertaining - you can’t go wrong with that. Congrats on a fantastic draft and I hope to see this on the big screen at some point.

Action - Best Scene Reading
Submitted: June 16, 2018
Last Updated: October 20, 2019

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The Writer: stevie T

About the Author: He’s an optimistic cynic who sees the glass as half full but somebody probably spit in it that defines himself an artist, writer, and filmmaker. He worked in Hollywood for a number of years in a creative supervisory position at a major before moving on to become a serial entrepreneur working as a marketing genius advisor to or co-founder of several unique startups across a broad spectrum from tech to sustainability to sports. He is also a patent holder. His favorite color is spaghetti and if he had one wish in this world he’d put it in a drawer forget where he left it. Go to bio

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