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Jack and Mack

Creation of a "next big thing" comedy pairing, based on contemporary teen life, but with timeless references and family values. Teen dudes add laughter and mystery to their fan-building adventures and fun.



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Jack Womack and Mack Dulack are best-friend 18-year olds. Jack is a smart dresser, and Mack dresses street-wise, but they each wear a distinctive scarf. Jack takes the lead in trying to solve problems, but is always diverted by Mack's foolish ideas, and never learns to ignore them. Each episode is a self-contained adventure, always based on a well-meaning objective, but turning disastrous to comic effect. In each episode, a different new and preposterous invention is sold to Mack, always for $50, by an unknown person, but it inadvertently saves the day. Along the way, they have comical dialogue, with catch-phrases and jokes, based on each new situation and the invention gimmick. The result is a new and contemporary comedy pairing for present and future family enjoyment, in situations that will capture the imagination and create the next new big thing.

Media Release

Jack and Mack (c)

A completely new and original comedy series.
7 free-standing episodes
A unique mystery feature in each episode
Two lovable teen dudes
Variety of comedy adventures
Family comedy for movies and TV.

A new series of original short comedies has been created by a young scriptwriter. Based on the massively successful "comedy duo" formula, the new
Jack and Mack(c)
series gives American "teen dude" comedies a new twist, with an imaginative and unique feature in each of the 7 free-standing episodes. This feature gives added appeal to these stylish lifestyle comedies, in which the pair of teenage friends turn ordinary aspects of daily life into chaos and disaster, rescued by the mystery feature. This is different in each episode, giving each one a fresh and individual appeal. Audiences will warm to the engaging and amusing duo of American teens, who have time on their hands and fun in their minds.Their adventures range from throwing a party to entering a fishing competition, but nothing is ever that simple. The stories are infused with comedy dialogue and crazy action, but the lovable rogues somehow always leave audiences wanting more. And they deliver a fresh approach each time. What WILL they do next? The series is especially suitable for TV, comprising short but complete episodes that allow plenty of time for ads, sponsors and promos head and tail. (Offers of sponsorship are also welcome). Original theme music, which reflects the casual and "folksy" characteristics of Jack and Mack(c), and a copyrighted artist's impression of the style of the movies, have also been created.* Jack and Mack(c) is the creation of Nichita Mladin. All the episodes are suitable for family viewing, with special appeal to kids and teens. Nichita says: "I hope Jack and Mack(c) is the next big thing in family comedy. The comedy duo has always been highly successful, and this modern and cool treatment - with the added fun of the mystery features - will appeal to youngsters and their parents alike. It's just good fun, with some new comedy ideas and the unique gimmick."
With the right investment and marketing, the world could be seeing a whole lot more of Jack and Mack(c) soon!

Submitted: September 21, 2018
Last Updated: September 7, 2019

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The Writer: Nichita Mladin

Hello, my name is Nichita. I am a script writer, former journalist and engineer. Here you can find a small bible about my comedy series, Jack and Mack. I hope you will read this and if you'll want more information or a sample script, please don't hesitate to ask me. I wrote this series together with a former UK journalist with more than 30 years of experience. We shared the passion for good comedy and even if we never lived in the same country, we decided to work together and put our ideas in this series. Thank you very much for your attention, nichitamladin@gmail.com Go to bio