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Jail Break

Comedy Western. A used-horse salesman is blackmailed to break his steam-car business rival out of jail, before a gang of Texas Rangers chase them down for the reward - DEAD OR ALIVE!



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Texas, 1895. Rogue cowboy Roy hails from a long line of outlaws that made their name (not always successfully!) in a new and expanding enterprise – the jail break! Now, going straight and setting-up a used-horse stall next to a steam-car showroom (owned by the unscrupulous Clarke Kent), his rival has stolen his customers ... and his sweetheart Patty's hand in marriage.

After accidentally destroying Clarke's entire automobile enterprise one night, Roy is woken in jail by three ruthless Texas Rangers. The Rangers have a side hustle printing Wanted Posters and chasing down 'criminals' to collect on bounties. They have heard of his family’s notorious ways and Roy has a choice - break out his rival by midnight, or Roy will be wanted instead – dead or alive!

Gathering his rag-tag posse, Roy begrudgingly busts out Clarke - but with the Rangers hot on their tails, a chance encounter with an Indian Chieftain gives them hope that Roy’s father is not quite as 'departed' as they think ... and they're going to need help from the best jail break artist this side of the Mississippi if Roy is to win Patty’s affection, gain their freedom and defeat Ranger Tex Byrne --- for good!

All Accolades & Coverage: 

Screenwriters Network - Winner Best Feature - 1st Place (Nov 2020)
Portland Comedy Film Festival - Winner - Best International Feature Screenplay
Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards - Finalist
Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards - Semi-Finalist
US Hollywood International Golden Film Award - Finalist

Submitted: November 13, 2020
Last Updated: November 11, 2021

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The Writer: Jordan Taylor

Jordan Taylor is an aspiring screenwriter, but by day is a Front End Developer (working on anything from Gucci to DrMartens) - and owner of a Yacht Chartering business. Recently bullied into buying a little puppy called Buddy for his two boys, he splits his time between the UK and Gibraltar. Jordan likes memes, movies ... and apparently talking about himself in the third person. ;) What about Jail Break? Finalist in several screenwriting contests and Winner in comedy festivals, Jail Break is a Western Comedy feature from the final days of the Wild West era. Written during the first month of 'lockdown' from an idea years before when life was 'busier', it's (hopefully) an enjoyable read. What... Go to bio

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