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Willie Mae, an analytical and strong-willed officer drops out of Quantico and returns to Dallas, TX where she is tasked to deal with the strangest and worst cases



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LOGLINE: After the suicide of her best friend, Willie Mae, an analytical and strong-willed officer drops out of Quantico and returns to Dallas, TX where she is tasked to deal with the strangest and worst cases and inadvertently discovers the existence of mysticism in the real world.
Willie Mae, a strong-willed detective, drops out of Quantico Training Academy after the suicide of her best friend. She returns home to Dallas, TX where she must confront her past in order to solve the strangest and mystical cases the city has to offer.

What if you could prove that the powers of belief are real? Willie Mae, a matter of fact detective, is tasked to find the answer to that question after being reassigned to lead the “Dumpster Squad”. A rag tag team of highly skilled police detectives with a knack for pissing of the wrong people. They work the crimes that no one else on the police force wants to touch. The story begins with the murder of a local powerful minster and an exorcism.
As the dumpster squad works the investigation, they begin to question the world around them while investigating the paranormal and suspicious doings around the city. The team is thrown into the underbelly of the unexplained, unbridle religious zeal, and ritualistic violence. From demon possessed criminals to the corrupt and powerful movers and shakers of Dallas, TX and beyond. Willie Mae will confront her past relationships, and her own ties with mysticism to get to the bottom of it.
Throughout the series Willie Mae, with the help of her team will work to bring justice not only to the underserved of Dallas, but also to themselves as they fight for control of their city against the natural and unnatural. Willie Mae will have to overcome her own hard-set beliefs in order to find and deliver truth above all else.

Submitted: September 15, 2021
Last Updated: September 15, 2021

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The Writer: Beau Thompson

Starting out as a writer and then real world set in and had to support family so went into teaching. For the last 28 years I have been teaching AP Social Studies and was a coach and athletic director. Now that my sons are grown up and I walked away from coaching and about to retire from teaching I am now back to what I have always loved acting/writing. I like to use my wild younger days for the basis of how I see the world. I do not have a specific genre but tend to take the twisted path rather than the contemporary. Go to bio
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