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Kangaroo Time (USA version)

After his baby-mamma abandons their newborn, a star, but hedonistic med student must put becoming a doctor on hold to look after their 4lb preemie.



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AL MARINO is an immature, but likeable, med student coasting along in life. He and his side-kick, TONE, try to enjoy their youth by conquering the “ladies of the world”. This bites Al in the ass when his reckless decisions get KARI MANNING pregnant. Her dad just happens to be, JOSEPH MANNING, the Medical Dean of Signature Injury Clinic (SIC) – his med-school placement.
Although one of the brightest students at SIC, Al is very disconnected from the pregnancy. He avoids KARI as much as possible. But after he is brought in to deliver his baby, ANGELINA, he attempts to embrace this new responsibility of fatherhood. It is a struggle to complete studies, his internship and seek his residency placement, but Al handles it all quite well. Then the first bombshell drops. The mom disappears and leaves Al –literally- holding the baby.

Al’s med-school director, DOYAL ROYAL, and his gay lover MARCO PEREZ, offer their assistance to Al, but Al is hesitant. But as Angelina fights for her life in NICU, Al realizes the only support system he has are these gay guys.

Angelina survives Neo Natal Intensive Care after Al and his quick thinking “Kangaroo Time”.

Al gives up his old philandering ways to concentrate on being a dad. A special bond forms between Al and his daughter. Al and Manning actually seem to be getting along until Al and Marco come to pick up Angelina after a day with her grandparents. Manning sees Marco, and a wicked, homophobic glint in his eyes starts a custody battle for Angelina.

As Al reels in the troops for this battle a second bomb drops: a DNA test reveals Al is NOT the biological father! A judge grants Manning temporary custody for 30 days. Al has to decide whether to give Angelina up or fight for her.

Submitted: November 10, 2020
Last Updated: January 15, 2021

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The Writer: Al Moreno

Busy, single dad attempting to break into the wonderful world of the Industry. I have had some wonderful experiences producing Off-Broadway theater, animations and shorts with Mr. David Frankel ( www.onthemoveproductions.com ). Really glad I once took a class on being a script reader.as I am currently producing 3 projects with Absurd Hero Productions ( https://www.getitmade.la/script-to-screen ) - mainly dealing with script development. My advice to all writers: yeah- write your ME draft of your script taht you are happy with but be prepared to write a WE draft so you cna get other people to make the film!!! Good luck to all, reach out to me if you need. Cheers, AM. Go to bio

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