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A rookie cop’s one-night stand comes back to haunt him when his fling turns out to be a serial killer, threatens to end his current relationship and possibly even his life.



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A serial killer on the loose, Daniel and his partner Rosemary patrol the streets. During their patrol, Daniel stops by a diner and talks to a waitress named Grace. Without thinking about it, Daniel and Grace step into the bathroom to get better acquainted.

Another murder occurs and the same question is asked, "when is this psycho going to be caught?" Feeling that her partner is under pressure, Rosemary invites Daniel to her parents' anniversary party. At the party, Daniel shows up and the two partners share a dance together. That night after the party, Grace sits in her car, parked across the street from Rosemary's house. The next morning, Rosemary wakes up in her treehouse, and Daniel still asleep. A rush in panic happens when Rosemary thinks Daniel is dead but wakes him up. On their morning patrol, Rosemary steps into the diner for two cups of coffee but is egged on by Grace about her relationship with Daniel.

That night, Rosemary stays inside, and watches a movie with Daniel. The next morning, Rosemary gets a rude awakening when she finds the severed head of the serial killer's recent victim. Upset and furious with detectives accusing her, Rosemary brushes it off. Back on patrol, Rosemary is shot and rushed to the hospital. Daniel feels guilty and stays with her until her mother tells him to go home. The next morning, Daniel steps out onto his front porch and finds a box of churros. He quickly informs the detectives of the newfound evidence, and they take the box. A visit to see Rosemary, feeling guilty still for her being shot. At a bar, Daniel drinks his worries away and meets a man named Ace, who is a ladies' man. Back at his apartment, Daniel returns home and learns that Ace lives in the same apartment complex.

The next morning, another victim found, this time it is one of the girls that Ace spent the evening with at his apartment. With the crimes getting closer to Daniel and surrounding him, he is suspended from duty. Now rogue, Daniel buys guns and seeks out who he believes is the killer. He teams up with a brothel owner who wants the person caught. Word gets out to Daniel from Rosemary's mother that Rosemary is missing. While getting the word about Rosemary, Rosemary is held hostage by Grace. In a fight for her life, Rosemary gets free but is stopped by Grace. Seconds later, Daniel stops Grace, but she gets to her car. In his rush to stop her, Daniel gets to his car and chases after Grace. The pursuit stops as Grace's car crashes and comes to a gun being pointed at Grace's head. Just as it is about to end, Daniel is shot in the chest by Ace, who is really Grace's brother. As Ace is about to finish off Daniel, Grace is runover by the car Rosemary is driving. An angered and upset Ace shoots at Rosemary but is rundown. In his last breath, Daniel says his goodbye to Rosemary and dies.

After Daniel's funeral, Rosemary takes her sorrows to a bar and meets Nick Valens. Taking shots together, and becoming too drunk to return home, Rosemary goes to Nick's apartment. In her drunken and eagerness for affection for a man's touch, Rosemary seduces Nick. Nick tries to stop it but goes through with taking it to the next level. The next morning, Rosemary returns home to her parents being worried and blurts out that she had a one-night stand with the guy she met. That evening, Rosemary apologizes to her parents and shortly after finds out that she is pregnant. After confirming it, Rosemary goes back to Nick's apartment but is greeted at his front door by his girlfriend, Suzie. Heartbroken and feeling alone, Rosemary decides to have the baby but doesn't want to raise it in Los Angeles. Her parents decide to move the family to Mexico.

Nine months later, Rosemary gives birth to a girl and names her Daniella. As time passes, Daniella becomes promiscuous at sixteen and has a baby later. After the birth of her daughter, Michelle, Daniella dies in a car wreck. Rosemary raises Michelle as her own. Years later, Michelle is a gang member and takes her revenge on the Smith family. She hires a decoy to do her dirty work for her. As shots are fired, Michelle runs from the chaos she has left behind. Shortly after, Michelle and Rosemary are tending Michelle's twin babies. Rosemary wonders when all the chaos with the Valens and Smith's will be over. Michelle decides when their all dead.

Sometime later, Michelle's twins, Alondra and Bonito are grown up and Rosemary is near death. Rosemary pleas with the twins to make peace and dies. Alondra decides to go to the Los Angeles and meet part of the Smith family. Bonito does not want peace but to raise terror. With his 8-year-old son, Nillo. Nillo is abused and left in a dog's cage. Back in Los Angeles, Alondra meets Faith and is assigned to remind her of who she is surrounded by every day. Faith starts to grow fond of Alondra and they grow as friends. Back in Mexico, Nillo gets free from the dog's cage and kills Bonito. Now free from his abusive father, Nillo runs away to find his own way.

Sometime later in a bar, now grown. Nillo offers to play poker with four men. With nothing but happiness in his heart now.

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Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival Award Winner 2022

Submitted: June 5, 2022
Last Updated: October 27, 2022

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The Writer: Nicholas P

Hello, my name is Nicholas P, and welcome to my profile! I encourage other writers to find their voices and show their art! Everyone has a voice. I found mine in giving a lot of character to the scripts that I have written. Write on! All I can tell everyone that has a voice is to stick to it and continue to grow with your creativity. Keep going. I notify everyone that has request to read my scripts, that I will release them when the time is right, and all I ask is for your patience. As of this very moment, I am finished with the Issues series and there's no way of knowing if I want to pursue writing more shorts or screenplay's. I feel I have delivered. So, here are the complete lineup of... Go to bio

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