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A teenage graduation bash at a remote lakehouse is cut short by a hideous presence that emerges from the lake every six years.

Teenagers partying at a lake in 1989? How stereotypical! Not. Stephen King-esque dread as you slowly discover what the monster really is...

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A weekend of fun becomes a fight for survival when
four teenagers find themselves at the mercy of an ancient curse.

Free from the academic grind, four high-school grads set out on a weekend of celebration at a lakeside retreat.  There’s the sensitive Darleen and her troubled beau, Ian; and their tag-along classmates, Carolyn and Moe.

It should be a destination set for youthful hi-jinks and romantic pursuit, but beyond the tranquil shore lies a dark secret. The roots of which stretch deep into the past; to a legacy of terror and tragedy that awakens every six years to fulfil its bloody rite.

As Darleen and company are soon to discover, the skeeters aren’t the only thing that’s out for blood...

Ian leads Darleen up to the front door. He steps inside, but Darleen hesitates. She turns back. Glances uneasily at the lake. Peaceful, as dusk falls upon it...

Darleen steps inside. She closes the door behind her.

Lake water laps the dock, bathed by a peaceful moon...
We quickly glide across the water to the island. Close in on the tree-studded bank...
The sound of a heartbeat...louder...louder...
A solitary tree trunk bathed in moonlight...with a gaping hole in the bark...
Blood bursts from it, streaming down in pulses like a punctured artery…
...the lakehouse, across the water. Its windows glow…The heartbeat grows louder still...

A GREAT SPLASH. The heartbeat cuts off. Dark waves surge against the island's bank.

Fortunately for them, help is at hand from old family friend and local survival enthusiast Bill.  With his faithful hound Clementine in tow, Bill rallies the teens in time to meet the threat head on.  

Brace the doors; barricade the windows; and whatever you do, keep the toilet seat down. 
For this is an evil that knows no bounds.

Rob Barkan’s Lakeside plunges its young protagonists into a tale of mystery and horror with a unique adversary.  The writing shines, teasing the reader with hints of what’s to come before opening the flood gates and letting the horror flow. 

It might not be a project for first time filmmakers, but for those with a creative vision and a love of all things horror, there’s a story here for you.

Review by Steve Miles
Submitted: August 2, 2019
Last Updated: October 5, 2020

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The Writer: Rob Barkan

Rob has been writing horror, fantasy and science fiction since the age of seven. He has placed several short tales in small press and online magazines like Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries, Dark Planet and Strange Fire. A more extensive collection appeared on his award-winning Deathlife Gravesite. He has taken a deep plunge into screenplay writing for the past few years, totally enjoying mastering the art of visual writing. He recently scripted segments for a Hollywood director's horror anthology project, showing a great ability working under time pressure to make required changes. His short scripts have received favorable reviews at Shootin' The Shorts. Rob's screenplays have been utilized as a... Go to bio

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