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Legion of the Apostate (first 10 pages)

When a psychotic priest leaves a trail of bodies in his wake, a hot-tempered detective finds herself in the crosshairs of a secret society.



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Legion of the Apostate

Logline: When a psychotic priest leaves a trail of bodies in his wake, a hot-tempered detective finds herself in the crosshairs of a secret society.

This project is currently under revision and will only include basic information.

Synopsis: A murder. A Molotov. And a baby. That might not be where it started, but it’s where the cops got involved.
NEHEMIAH KINKAID (40s) used to be a priest, but now he serves his God on his own terms, running The Kinkaid Foundation. A local charity that helps provide for those in need. While at a Halloween party, he saw a local criminal wearing a very unique pendant. One that he had made for his son Steven, who disappeared a few years earlier.

With the help of his older brother, mob strongman DARREN MCKANE (40s), they will take to the streets to follow the clues in a way that the cops never could. Just like old times.

While their early efforts will succeed, Nehemiah’s insistence of turning over their evidence to the justice system will lead to a critical failure and they will learn a very hard lesson. There are people working within the justice system that use their positions to protect human traffickers.

Enter LIAM O’BREEN (60s), an Irish mob boss, and McKane’s current employer, who sponsored the two brother’s arrival from Ireland when they were in their twenties. With the help of his network, called The Legion (also the name of a prominent Irish pub he owns,) they realize the only way forward is to work outside the law.

CHARLOTTE BINGAM (50s) is a psychotherapist that runs Liam’s bar, The Legion. She earns a spot at their table helping them to stay balanced and not get lost on their road to retribution.

TAALIB GHAZAWI (50s), a former detective who was on Liam’s payroll. His investigative ability is second only to his interrogation skills. These five characters will eventually become The Legion of the Apostate.

Knowing they have to stay ahead of the cops, they decide to manipulate the system by luring in a very specific detective to be assigned the case. Her name is LYSSA DRAKE (30s). Not only is she super smart, she’s also Liam’s daughter. They use Liam’s knowledge of her to keep her one step behind but always giving her their evidence after the bodies are found. She’ll eventually outsmart them and catch up, but by then she’ll have been awakened to a world of corruption in the heart of the very justice system she believes in.

Two brothers on opposite sides of morality and faith.
A father and daughter on opposite sides of the law.
Worlds of black and white about to collide in the grey.

Boondock Saints meets Taken, but with serious undertones. We will see the result of a good man doing bad for the right reasons. The trauma, the conflict, the PTSD. We will also see a darker side of human trafficking that most people don’t understand.

Submitted: August 11, 2022
Last Updated: August 11, 2022

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The Writer: Cypher Robinson

After consulting a panel of his imaginary friends, Cypher decided to put his extreme creativity to the test by learning and writing his first script in less than three months which made the quarterfinals at the LA International Screenplay Festival. Armed with a growth mentality, thick skin, and good mentors, high hopes await. Go to bio

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