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***COVID-FRIENDLY*** A pilot arrives at a secret lab to test a time machine. After a five-minute test, he steps out to find all the scientists murdered – and the killers are still in the building.

It's 1957. Robert Walker, a test pilot for the US military, is brought to a secret, subterranean science lab in the middle of an American desert. His job? To test the lab's latest invention: a machine that can bring people forward in time.

The job is Robert's opportunity to prove to the Air Force that he's capable of returning to high-risk work. He's been grounded for two years after a test flight gone wrong. He was distracted by a sudden break-up, and crashed a million-dollar prototype into the desert.

And the girl who broke up with him? She's a scientist named Lily, and she's part of the time machine project.

Jumping forward in time is great, but Robert wishes he could go backwards - seeing Lily again reminds him of how things used to be. Unfortunately, this machine doesn't allow him to turn back the clock.

The first test, for five minutes, seems to go well, but when Robert steps out of the machine, he finds a lab in shambles, the scientists and techs all dead on the floor.

But they're not all dead. Lily is somewhere in the building. And so are the killers.

Lily is held captive by a group of mercenaries led by the quirky Justin, a contract criminal who was hired by Vincent, a Russian operative, to destroy the lab and its contents. He instructs his goons to place explosives all around the building before Vincent arrives - Vincent wants to personally oversee the demolition.

Justin plans to kill Lily, but she convinces him that Vincent will have him killed, too. Justin decides to escape through time - by using the machine.

Robert embarks on a cat-and-mouse adventure through the five levels of the lab. He rescues Lily, but they find themselves trapped by a guard at the building's only exit. In a desperate effort to escape, they push their way back through the lab to the time machine, where Justin prepares for his time-jump.

As they approach the time travel annex, Robert discovers compromising evidence about Lily's involvement in the attack. But there's no time to confront her about it - Vincent has arrived.

In a dramatic four-way confrontation, with the bombs' timer already ticking, Robert fights to stop Justin from escaping through time, while fending off Vincent's brutal attack, while struggling with Lily's too-little-too-late pleas for forgiveness.

With only moments to spare, it's Robert who ends up in the time machine, hitting the button and making his escape as the lab is pulverized.

He emerges from the time machine in a sun-blasted desert. Bits of an ancient, blown-apart building peek up through the sand. He has escaped the past, but at what cost? With a piece of lab debris over his head, he trudges towards the horizon.

Submitted: January 20, 2019
Last Updated: August 2, 2020

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The Writer: Arnon Shorr

Okay, it's like this. I like telling stories. The visual ones, not the 'round-the-campfire ones where everyone has to imagine everything. When I tell stories, I like to show them to people. Because of that, I became a filmmaker. And because of that, when I write, it's for the screen. Oh. You want a bio ? Like, where I was born, where I went to school, stuff like that? I'll give you this much: I live 7600 miles away from where I was born, but only 2980 miles from where I grew up. I went to a bunch of schools, survived, and found myself with exactly one career option: the film thing . I've been doing the film thing in one form or another for a couple of decades. The 2% of my work that matters... Go to bio

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