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Little Sanana is poor and on scholarship, and has short stature, attends primary school in the school for the rich. Will he cope in his new environment?



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Novella. Mean teacher. Is Dad's Mistress. By Tobias Nchindo

Sanana has short stature, at twelve, he has the height of a Pre-schooler. He lives somewhere in Slumsville, a ghetto location with his mother, Agatha. At least that is what he was told. His mother died shortly after his birth, no news of his father. Sanana is on scholarship in the city of Windhoek. His scholarship includes only tuition and transport. He attends Black Love, a private school for wealthy boys and girls…and only female teachers.
With his rare diagnostic features, his poor social status, Sanana struggles to fit in. The only friend he is having, is the Old school bus driver. He dreams about his simple life back in the village, his many friends and all those that loved him.
Sanana is only bullied by girls, Renate, who was from the same filthy location as him, and Nadia, the only daughter of Professor Lingani, the owner of Black Love. The same class, Mistress Diana makes sure Sanana is measured and weighed every morning before she starts her lesson.
Sanana finds a friend, the Old Driver who visits him time to time and brings him food. But during lessons, he hopes for the bell to ring.
The fall of the first semester, Mistress Diana marries Professor Lingani under customary law. Little did she know that Professor Lingani is separated from his wife....With a diploma and a maiden name, she manipulates her way into the seat as principal. She makes her best friend, Miss Mary, deputy, and makes everyone very uncomfortable. She abuses her power, and makes rules as she want.
One month after the wedding, she becomes a widow. When the Will is read, Sanana and Nadia are joint heir to the Lingani’s estate. She moves in all directions to contest the Will, but she had no proof to show for it. She married her late husband, under customary law, and it was only a gathering of few friends and family in the centre of her uncle‘s living room. Since lobola was paid on her head, she was advised to marry the Old Driver if she still wants to enjoy her late husband’s labour. The Old Driver is Late Professor Lingani’s only brother. With a gold-digging friend like Miss Mary, she advises Diana to marry him, and dig his grave later…but only when she had signed her marriage certificate.
Days letter, Jessica, the late Professor Lingani’s first wife resurfaces with a marriage certificate, claiming her inheritance. For the whole second semester, the two widows live together as cats and mice. Despite the widows’ commitment to contest the Will, they did not prevail.

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Submitted: June 28, 2019
Last Updated: December 31, 2019

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The Writer: Tobias Nchindo

Lives in Namibia , Katima Mulilo. Born October 23 , 1982. Novelist and script writer. Science Teacher. Studied- Science(Biology) and languages(University of Namibia). Educatinal management, law (North-west Univesity) SA. Published author and scriptwriter. Go to bio

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