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Wild soldiers and the Neanderthal

When ecologically aggressive Neanderthal arrives in the rain forest of Anakoka (Ape land), king Mundjita (orangutan) ruler of four species of great apes is pushed towards the tipping point.



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existing novel-Wild soldiers and the Nenanderthal man by Tobias Nchindo

The Middle Paleolithic era, the rain-forest of the Zambezi in Ape land, King Mundjita, an orangutan ruler of four species of great apes has a son, prince Sishekanu, the heir to the throne. The prince and his friend, Sanana are hated everywhere, even in the palace. Prime Minister Musowe-Gorilla, is against being ruled by an orangutan who he considers not local. He wants the throne by all dubious means. One day the king gathers his subject and the slave monkeys starts to build the palace and school. At school prince Sishekanu and his buddy, Sanana bullies others.
When new settlers of Neanderthals arrives in the rain forest of the Zambezi under the noble leader, King Alisinda. The population of Neanderthals increase. One day Queen Moola learns about the evergreen ape land. She did all she can to force the king to evade ape land, but the king declines. After the assassination of king Alisinda, Queen Moola ascends the throne. With a notorious general by her side, called Isiteketo, the Neanderthals torment apes…many dies, including King Mundjita. Prince Sishekanu and the queen are taken prisoners in Neanderthal. Musowe ascends the throne.
Apes seek exile somewhere in hyena land, under King Mutuli. King Mutuli has connections, he asks for help from other animal near and far to assist the apes. They send, Jonah the owl, after begging him. After all hope is lost, the reluctant-messenger returns with good news.
The first to arrive is a clan of badger from Europe, specializing in underground tunnel. Second hired soldiers, a pack of wild dog from the Okavango delta, calling themselves, the ‘Delta force’. These diurnal are smooth operator. Their tricks include exhausting the opponent, running in circle, panicking the opponent and isolating them, eliminating them one by one. The third group to arrive, ‘the marsupials’ soldiers from Australia, specialized in martial art. The fourth to arrive is a solitary apex predator from Southern America. He has the bite that allows it to pierce the shell of armored prey. He employs deep throat-bite, suffocating the opponent. This notorious Pathera is stalk and ambush soldier. He has the skill to walk behind enemy line without been noticed, attacking from the blind spot. He swim, climb. He is captain jaguar. The fifth soldiers to arrive, specializes in air force, dropping atomic bombs at will. They have the speed, the look and the claws. They pick up stones from the ground, carrying them in flight to a height of one hundred and forty meter above the ground and drops them on the head of the Neanderthal which smashes their head into small pieces that reveals the big three-Bones, Blood and Brains. Some calls them the bearded vulture, some the lammergeyer, from Ethiopia. The last to arrive, is Captain Zorrillo Santiago and his soldiers. These skunks, specializing in decoy.
The local soldiers are monkeys, air force. Apes, wrestling/physical combat. Hyena and wild dogs, infantry.
The day of the war, the German badgers lead wild soldiers to war, marching happily in a German military war song, Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss.
Musowe, as the new king of ape land leads wild soldiers into war. Many died. Queen Moola and Isiteketo surrenders.
And they return to their land, in Anakoka, with prince Sishekanu and the queen. Will Musowe be still king?

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Submitted: May 29, 2018
Last Updated: January 31, 2020

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The Writer: Tobias Nchindo

Lives in Namibia , Katima Mulilo. Born October 23 , 1982. Novelist and script writer. Science Teacher. Studied- Science(Biology) and languages(University of Namibia). Educatinal management, law (North-west Univesity) SA. Published author and scriptwriter. Go to bio

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