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Merchant of Death

A paunchy merchant is a castaway in a paradisiacal town, and its very existence depends upon the perpetual misery of an alluring deity.



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Imagine a world… where death really isn’t that inevitable. When that very concept of mortality does not apply to anyone. When immortality is truly possible. That’s exactly the scenario in this paradisiacal setting.

(The story takes place on a paradisiacal island/town. Think of a utopian paradise in a medieval setting. He finds himself stranded on this “paradise”... this Island.)

Our protagonist, Elric, is in fact dead on the very first page of the spec. That's got to pique your interest.

But… alas, Dove finds him perfectly “normal” when stumbling upon his unconscious form. Dove, a native decides to play host and show him the Town.

Slowly, Elric realizes that death… does not apply here. We see a deadly joust between two strong maidens; a scene at the inn where Duncan, a maddening drunkard decides to hang himself from the edge of the stool.

But everything is not as perfect as it seems… Elric is soon haunted by visions and nightmares. Met with cryptic responses about the woman in his dreams; he indirectly stumbles upon her prison… a rusty shack. He sets off to free her, but it lands him in a scuffle with Duncan and Daisy. He’s knocked out unconscious.

Who is she? Well, after a talk with William, an overzealous priest, we essentially learn/confirm a few things about the woman, Lady Death. That her tortured existence is codependent on the inhabitants' survivability on the Island/Town and previous attempts by trying to rescue the “damsel in distress” led to pox outbreaks and deaths. Thus! Can potentially cause the imminent destruction of the paradisiacal town.

And… we learn that by almost freeing Lady Death- Elric indirectly causes the death of Dove. Mourning her death, we also explore the devastating topic of self-harm as well in the spec.

William informs Elric of the tasks ahead. He may choose to stay here and ignore Lady’s Death’s pleas for help… He could possibly just leave the island, or… he can choose to save the “damsel in distress” and face the consequences.
How will the audience react if he tries to save the damsel in distress? Is it morally the right thing to do? Is he really the knight in shining armor?

We have interesting characters… We have the overzealous priest, the lovable prostitute, the maddening drunkard.

We have an interesting character arc for our protagonist. Fat and clever; Elric may start off as a stereotypical merchant, but as the pages turn over, he becomes more resolved and virtuous. You could consider him an Antihero who transitions to a more “heroic role.”

I believe that the riveting high stakes in “Merchant of Death” such as… the imminent destruction of the town, deadly diseases spreading, etc. Also, the dynamic/ almost comedic characters and philosophical themes such as morality and mortality will appeal to a large audience.

Submitted: March 8, 2022
Last Updated: March 9, 2022

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The Writer: Prathit Reddy

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia... Quite an irony considering it means the fear of long words! No, I don't have that particular phobia, but truth be told, I also hate "big" words. But as a Screenwriter, there's a particular audience you're trying to connect to... they want you to come to the point; I believe I can keep it short and sweet! I'm quite young, and there's just so much left to learn and explore! But when you're really, really passionate about something. ( Yes, I did repeat the same phrase twice... Epizeumixis?) You won't stop until you get it. They say that the screenwriter's secret weapon is patience. I hope I have enough. Go to bio

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