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Two 40-something women follow their dream of writing erotic romance novels; but what happens when their teenaged sons, conservative husbands, and judgmental community takes notice?


Tamara Herman and Cindy Aronson

½ hour multi-cam sitcom
by Tamara Herman & Cindy Aronson

M.I.L.F.S is the story of TAM and CINDY, two ‘hot’ moms with a dream of writing erotic fiction. After quitting their teaching gigs, they boldly pen their first novel, Orgasmic Odyssey. As they quickly discover, writing the book was easy for the two friends; it’s everything else that sucks hard. Dwindling finances, shady publishers, and stiff competition all conspire against their success. Their teenaged sons and loving husbands support them, but they, too, experience the ramifications of Tam and Cindy’s unusual choice of writing genre. But all that be damned. These two MILFS have the drive to succeed, and they’re going to knock down anything or anyone that tries to stop them.

M.I.L.F.S. is a provocative, satirical criticism of a media-obsessed, pop-culture perfected society. As The Mindy Show strives to break stereotypical concepts of nationality and gender by pushing the boundaries of expectation, M.I.L.F.S. celebrates diversity both in personage and in content. M.I.L.F.S features strong, independent, driven female lead characters. Tam and Cindy love their responsibilities as wives and mothers; however, they recognize the value and importance of following their dreams at the same time as achieving balance. Think, Inside Amy Schumer, with respect to a woman of considerable strength and humour as she views the world for all of its imperfections and foibles. M.I.L.F.S is stimulating. It is challenging. It is sinfully wicked. M.I.L.F.S is, beyond a doubt, a sassy mouth ready to be washed out with soap.

Strong women, unique concept, barrier slamming. Scared, yet? Don’t be. M.I.L.F.S. is the show that will bite any challenge in its butt. But it’s not untouchable. M.I.L.F.S. creates an entirely relatable world where women and men will laugh at the shared hilarities, nod at the “been there, done that” moments, and feel like the characters are their Friends. M.I.L.F.S. isn’t ashamed to hold a mirror up to a judgmental culture and say, “it’s not okay.”

Tamara Watson (45)
Tam is sassy, witty, and occasionally crude (probably the damn Asperger’s diagnosis). For Tam, her shot at life should be filled with humour and spirit to balance the crappy things that always arise.

Cindy Bloom (45)
Cindy is a romantic idealist, struggling with the effects of Body Dysmorpia. Her compassion is the basis of her personality.

Marty Watson (45)
Lawyer, pilot, gamer – probably in that order. He doesn’t laugh often, but when he does, his laugh is infectious to everyone. He’s conservative by day, but a beast in the bedroom when the lights go out.

Sean Bloom (45)
The ‘woman-whisperer’, Sean is an I.T. nerd. His ADHD allows him to live in the moment and happily forget whatever pissed him off instantly.

Max Watson (14)
Because of his Asperger’s Syndrome, Max’ perceptions of people and situations drives much of the integrated humour between characters, both at school and at home. His wit is biting and funny.

Ryan Bloom (14)
Ryan is sensitive, empathetic, and perceptive. The irony that is Ryan is he covers up his social anxiety by being the most social person of all of his friends.

Jesse Bloom (18)
Jesse is a man-child. Because of his ADHD, he is maturationally delayed, acting more like a fifteen-year old than an almost-adult.

Jack Watson (11)
Tiny for his age, and with High-Functioning Autism, Jack is loving and sweet, but he often lacks empathy, which creates difficult situations for him, especially in school where bullying and exclusion is the unfortunate norm.

Pilot – introduction to all major characters; Tam and Cindy write their novel; their sons deal with teenaged angst, compounded by their mom’s ‘hotness’ and winding up on the boy’s friends’ MILF list; Tam and Cindy’s husbands cope with supporting their wives, even when it means providing Russian translations of sexual positions or heading to a sex trade show to hawk a book; Tam and Cindy laugh over rejections; Tam and Cindy meet their inspiration for writing.

Episode – a parent/teacher interview provides hilarious interactions, especially when the boys’ teacher, Mr. Richards (a.k.a. Mr. Dick) hits on their moms; the boys have a ‘chill’ where their friends aren’t the slightest bit interested in drugs or alcohol, but the conversation of ‘crusty sheets’ seems to keep arising; Tam and Cindy are forced to deal with said crusty sheets and decide to send ‘reality-based’ copy for laundry detergents to an advertising agency (“Want crust in your pies but not on your son’s sheet? Buy Snuggles Detergent”).

Episode – for an anniversary celebration, Tam takes her husband to a dildo factory. For research purposes, of course. Cindy and Sean tag along. For research purposes, of course. Then, the foursome head to a sex club for, well, a foursome. For research purposes, of course. Using all of their ‘research’, Tam and Cindy begin writing their next book; Cindy experiments with the cooking of her Jewish heritage and makes stuffed cabbage.

Episode – Encounters with mothers-in-law and siblings leave Tam and Cindy struggling to explain their writing choices to their families, who are embarrassed at the authors’ notoriety; while shopping, Max and Ryan run into two of their teachers who are clearly having an affair, apparently spurred on by the characters in their moms’ book.

Episode – Tam takes her dog to the vet to be neutered, sparking comparisons between testicle-less dogs and pussy-whipped husbands; during the surgery, Tam learns the vet tech has been reading aloud sections of their book to the vet while she cuts and sews; financial problems hold back the development of book two.

Episode – Tam and Cindy begin to struggle with the realities of aging, including onset of menopause, creaks and groans of the body, vision problems, hot flashes, and being asked for senior’s ID; husbands and wives play Cards Against Humanity together; Tam and Cindy combat their morose thoughts regarding aging by getting drunk and going to get tattoos; Tam’s tattoo is completely inappropriate (Image of a card from Cards Against Humanity that says, ‘Bigger, Blacker, Dick’); Cindy’s tattoo has a major spelling error (“love concurs all”)

M.I.L.F.S has it all: strong women, special needs children; teenage angst (think Hamlet meets Negasonic Teenage Warhead); and saucy, sassy, sex. M.I.L.F.S doesn’t shy away from criticizing the folly and injustices of a flawed society. Like other scathing satires, it tackles those issues with humour and juxtaposes them with a better outlook on life. That, and a stuffed cabbage.

Submitted: September 8, 2016
Last Updated: April 15, 2018

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The Writer: Tamara Herman & Cindy Aronson

TAMARA HERMAN Born in Montreal, Quebec, but grew up in Toronto, Ontario. I am young enough to look good for my age, but old enough to refuse to tell anyone. I am pitifully overeducated and woefully underpaid (go figure). I have been teaching English literature and psychological deconstruction of literature for over 20 years to senior secondary school students. I am also a complete English lit nerd. I predominantly enjoy gothic horror and earlier 20th C works (Shelley, Poe, Wilde, Fitzgerald, Bradbury, Huxley, Orwell, etc.). Mythopoeic Criticism and psychological deconstruction of literature is where I find solace - the connections between literature across the world and over the generations... Go to bio

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