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A whimsical journey to Israel has Zach Miller discovering what everyone but he knows: he's an Israel spy to the Palestinian and Palestinian sympathizer seeking revenge to the Israelis.

Zach Miller takes off on a whimsical journey to Israel. On the plane he meets a young man about his age, a Palestinian from a wealthy family. The fellow befriends Zach, inviting him to stay at his home in a community near Jerusalem.

Zach is welcomed by the entire family and his stay elasticizes from an expected couple days to weeks. Amir, the friend, has a sister, Bahlya. Zach’s relationship with the siblings deepens; driven by the charm of Amir and the sensuality of Bahlya. Over the course of time it’s revealed to Zach that both the brother and sister are terrorists. Inclined to excuse himself from their company, he resists the instinct toward sound judgment and stays: his rationale for dismissing the obvious danger being that they are merely rich kids more fantasizing themselves in that role than actually playing it.

Brother and sister express that their interest in Zach is to educate him on the truth regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, after which they hope that he’ll be able to go back home to America and as an author better represent their cause. Thus, they infuse their friend with their side of the story.

As time goes on, however, odd and potentially harmful events begin to take place that unnerve the guest. As a result he reckons that he’ll return home. Just as he’s about to leave a shocking incident occurs. By chance, snooping in Amir’s room, Zach uncovers a plot that is about to be executed. If successful, Israel will be destroyed, as well as several American cities. Zach plans to take action immediately but…it’s too late.

Amir’s terrorist friend/lover, Faisal, has been researching Zach’s background and concludes that he’s an Israeli agent. Zach is imprisoned and tortured by a faction of the Palestinians. Nearly killed, he’s saved when the prison is taken over by an adversarial group. For international image enhancement, he’s traded to the Israelis who shockingly conclude that the Palestinians are using Zach to set them up for embarrassment. Zach is now charged as an agent of the Palestinians, accused of seeking revenge against Israel.

Imprisoned by the Israelis, his unimaginable personal background is revealed to him, along with the Israeli version of the conflict. By chance an old acquaintance from high school, a genius named Josea, is working for the Israelis. She finds out he’s imprisoned. After investigating his case she arranges for his release, hoping that he will be able to assist in averting a tragedy.

The difficulty encountered by the potential victims is that there is no single country responsible for the planned attacks, the primary instigator, the only person who could call off the incursions, has disappeared, and the weaponry, advanced deadly sound systems, is already positioned in unknown locations. Zach meets with the heads of Israel and The United States, understanding that without the ability to go on a targeted offense, they will use nuclear force to essentially wipe out the region.

The situation appears hopeless…until a series of incomprehensible dreams that have been building in intensity for Zach comes into focus. It seems that the fragmented piece of mental imagery have been trying to message him clues to unlock the only possible solution to saving millions of innocent people.

Being the only one with knowledge of the backgrounds of each of the backers of this nefarious plot, he recognizes that the dream content has to do with infants; further, that for all of the participants in this horrific scheme there is a newborn child. His breakthrough is biblical: abduct all of the babies and place them in the precise locations where the destruction is planned, causing the villains to retract the intended assault. In essence, while seeming inconceivable, the proposed remedy is to use an army of infants to defeat an enemy intending to cause worldwide chaos.

Submitted: August 16, 2018
Last Updated: August 16, 2018

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The Writer: Dennis Nehamen

After nearly three decades of practice as both a forensic and clinical psychologist, I’ve had some remarkable stories come through my office. It was about ten years ago when I finally began scaling down my business to make time for writing. I began with screenplays and then after completing three, my son came home from college with a new interest, music. We decided to partner, eventually developing three musicals together. The first, Wrapped, won the prestigious National Theater Network Director’s Choice Award and was presented at The New York Musical Theater Festival, after which we were invited by Jim Morgan, the director of The York Theatre in New York to do a second presentation. Later... Go to bio

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