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When a loner conspiracy-theorist and a skeptical reporter uncover the truth about the Moon landing they fall down a rabbit-hole of conspiracy theories.

A comedy about conspiracy theories. Set in a world where most conspiracy theories are actually true.

Mooned made the Nicholl quarterfinals in 2015 and 2016.

When a loner conspiracy-theorist, and a skeptical reporter set out to uncover the truth about the Moon landing they fall down a rabbit-hole of CIA conspiracies: the truth about JFK, weaponized LSD, the gay bomb, and so much more. With every agency hunting them down, they have to tell the world before the CIA makes them disappear.

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The Writer: Jeffrey Pollard

Professor, screenwriter, novelist, comedian. From Kansas City, Missouri. Masters degree in screenwriting from UMKC. Bachelors degree in creative writing from Missouri State University. Professor of Discourse at UMKC. Author of four novels. Stand-up comedian. Twice quarterfinalist in the Nicholl. Made in Texas. Okay mustache. Why does this bio have to be so long? Go to bio