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My Eyes Adore You

10 years since his daughter went missing, a small-town detective must save his youngest daughter from being the next victim of a serial killer.



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Detective MICK FOGERTY can't rest until he finds the person responsible for the disappearance of his teenage daughter NICOLA some 10 years ago. Only weeks before retirement, the chance solving this cold case appears slim to none. When his replacement REYNOLDS joins the force and Fogerty has to train him, things get off to a rocky start. But then a Jane Doe is found in the woods-- and there's hope he might get one last chance to reach his goal.
TED KINKADE is the local ice cream man and a helpful neighbor. However, he becomes a possible suspect later on when another missing girl is found dead. And his strange infatuation with Fogerty's wife, JOANNE, appears to implicate him as the killer.
Fogerty and Reynolds discover that the Jane Doe corpse is Nicola’s best friend, who was with her on that horrible night 10 years ago. To make things more disturbing-- the MO of the killer is unveiled by the coroner when he reveals her eyes are missing.
Fogerty and Reynolds mend their clash, as Fogerty finds out Reynolds shares a similar tragedy from his past. Fogerty is also plagued by a reoccurring nightmare, like an omen, where he discovers another victim of the killer in the woods— only this time--the body in the plastic bag is his youngest daughter, JENNY.
Fogerty’s strained relationship with his wife and daughter was bad since Nicola’s disappearance- but things get more unhinged when the news reports that the “Eyeball Killer” is still at large and another local girl has just gone missing. And this time-- it’s a classmate of Jenny’s. Knowing they’ve got to protect their daughter, Fogerty and Joanne rekindle their love to bring stability back to their household.
With no leads on a suspect, Fogerty and Reynolds set up surveillance at the 4th of July fair, hoping to catch the killer in the act. At the same time, Jenny, and her best friend, LAURA, enjoy the night out at the fair. Also present is the creepy Ted-- moonlighting as a clown. The next morning, Joanne gets a call that Laura never came home.
With Fogerty and Reynolds failing to capture the “Eyeball Killer,” the Captain's patience is running out. Then, Reynolds reviews a convenience store CCTV and Ted becomes a suspect – having been the last person with Laura. With assault charges from a bar altercation a few nights earlier, the detectives now search to apprehend Ted.
Joanne tips off Fogerty that Ted is performing in the children's ward and the arrest is made. During the interrogation, Ted tells Fogerty about his infatuation for his wife and a brawl breaks out. When order is restored, the detectives exit with a warrant for Ted's house-- with hopes of finding Laura or any key clues. The search ends empty-handed – and Ted is freed. Now, Fogerty days as a detective are numbered.
The next morning, some boys stumble across human remains in plastic bags by a river. The body is that of Laura-- and the killer's MO has shifted as the corpse was also disembodied along with the missing eyes. But it appears the killer made a mistake when some blue latex gloves were recovered. Crime lab results on the gloves point straight to the coroner, SAM TOMEI.
Fogerty gets a panicked call from Joanne informing him Jenny has gone missing. Reynolds relays that Jenny fits the same profile as the other victims. Fogerty's worst nightmare is back again, just like 10 years ago.
New evidence is revealed-- exonerating Tomei. Fogerty discovers a possible connection with the Old Hartley house, located close to where the other victims were found. With the clock ticking on his daughter’s life, Fogerty and Reynolds race to the location, where they meet up with the Captain, before splitting up to search the dark, abandoned house.
Fogerty hears a frightening scream. It’s the Captain-- who becomes the killer's next victim. Fogerty moves through the darkness, finding the Captain’s lifeless body in a hall. As Fogerty proceeds, he hears a moaning noise through the walls. He discovers a doorway hidden behind a large mirror-- which leads to a dark and eerie basement. Following the sporadic moans, he comes across a huge freezer, where he discovers two deceased male bodies inside. One corpse is old man Hartley and the other is unknown. Fogerty then finds Jenny tied up and moaning.
While he struggles to free her, Fogerty gets a call from veteran cop, CUNNINGHAM, informing him that Reynolds isn't who he appears. Reynolds is actually Billy Mahoney, a suspect in a related cold case years ago in NYC. The real Reynolds is the unknown corpse in the freezer. Mahoney now appears. Fogerty stalls him with the clues to the case to engage Mahoney’s psychopathic mind, while Jenny struggles to get free. After Fogerty puts all the pieces together, he realizes Mahoney is the real killer of Nicola.
A fight to the death ensues between Fogerty and Mahoney. As the two duke it out, Jenny finally frees herself. With Fogerty in dire straits, an inch from his death, a shot rings out—killing Mahoney. Jenny fired the fatal shot from the gun Mick lost during the fight.
When Fogerty and Jenny exit the house, they are greeted by Cunningham. Fogerty details what the police crew will find in the basement. The Fogerty family is now reunited, as Joanne arrives in joy to find Jenny safe and sound in Mick's arms.

Submitted: December 26, 2020
Last Updated: February 11, 2021

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The Writer: Brendan Gallahue

I'm an advertising copywriter by day and an inspiring screenwriter by night. I'm originally from the USA, but I've been residing in Northern Ireland since 2005. This is my debut script which took some 5 years in the making. Now it's ready to see what the world thinks. Looking forward to the feedback. My second feature script is a WIP since 2018. It's something more personal. Shooting to reveal in the Spring of 2021. So, stay glued to this page for more updates. Go to bio