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A depressed 20-something-year-old tries to win over the love of her straight, taken best friend and ends up losing herself in the process

23-year-old Daisy is bored with her office job, struggles with her life choices and mental health and retreats to mostly smoke her problems away instead of actually dealing with them. Plus, she is in love with her best friend Mona, who has a boyfriend and is straight – as far as Daisy knows. One day, while hanging out in the park, Daisy gives it a shot and kisses Mona, who lets it happen, but seems rather passive, not wanting to talk about the kiss afterwards.
While Daisy meets up with her drug dealer, Mona organizes a karaoke night at the café, where she works. Daisy ends up coming by during karaoke night and their awkward feelings resolve in a fun night, ending in a very drunk Daisy. Mona helps Daisy get home safe, dodging another attempt at a kiss. Still, the undeniable chemistry between the two prevails. After Mona gets mad at Daisy for not showing up to work, they get in a bit of a fight. Mona tries to cheer Daisy up by breaking and entering an old, abandoned home with her that used to mean a lot to Daisy and will be torn down the day after. They get closer and end up giving into their feelings, having sex. Mona feels guilty for cheating on her boyfriend, while Daisy gets her hopes up. But an even bigger down follows the high of their time spent together: Daisy’s family comes to visit for the anniversary of her father’s death. Her relationship with her mother is rocky (to say the least) and they end up fighting during her family’s visit. Right as her mother and brother leave again, Daisy comes out to her mother as gay, but is left alone in the driveway without an answer.
At the same time, Mona's boyfriend Sam finds an old screenplay of his girlfriend - who aspires to be a writer but is too shy to show her work to anyone - in their home and asks Daisy for help, trying to help Mona with her career. Although Daisy feels awkward around Sam, she helps him get the screenplay out there - and misses an important meeting at work.
Sam gets a promotion and he and Mona celebrate, while Daisy seems to be drowning in her misery. It only gets worse when Daisy’s dealer, Richie, who she seems to have befriended before, shows up at her workplace, claiming to be a new employee. Daisy struggles with facing her problems and ends up turning on Richie, destroying their new-found friendship.
When Mona’s boyfriend Sam sends a screenplay of Mona to an agent, without asking her for permission, the two get in a fight. Sam reveals his true intentions: he wants to move away to a bigger city and sees L.A. as a chance for the both of them. Mona is still mad at him for the script-thing and spends the night at Daisy’s place. There, Mona discovers that Daisy has a stash of
benzodiazepine lying around and gets mad at her for taking them. They end up fighting as well, seemingly putting an end to their friendship.
Daisy’s downward spiral continues, and she loses her job at the office. She leaves Richie an apology-note on her way home. The misery climaxes in her taking way too many pills – a suicide attempt. Lucky for her, Richie, who read the apology-note and came by to accept it, finds her and calls an ambulance.
Mona is informed of the suicide attempt and rushes to the hospital, confronting Daisy about it. She also tells her that she and her boyfriend are moving away to L.A. and invites her to come over and say goodbye.
When the day of moving arrives, Daisy doesn’t show up. She chooses to give happiness another chance and get her life together, showing up at an art gallery of an acquaintance, where she eventually finds a new job. Mona and Sam move.
4 years later, Mona and Sam are in an unhappy, stagnant relationship. Mona decides to fly home to pay her parents a visit. She has just finished writing a screenplay and wants to show it to a special someone. Back home, Mona stops by Daisy’s apartment, but another woman, who seems to be Daisy’s new girlfriend, opens the door. Mona asks the woman to give Daisy the screenplay and leaves. In the last scene, Mona hangs around in the café where she used to work, when Daisy turns up out of the blue, smiling.

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Submitted: June 10, 2020
Last Updated: June 24, 2020

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The Writer: Jana Forkel

22-year old recent Theatre- and Media Studies/English and American Studies-Graduate with lots of time on her hands to write and create content. I write short stories, poems, Comedy, Drama, Horror and Children's animated content (Film/TV/Theatre). I have a special place in my heart for sitcoms and animated children's TV, especially of the mysterious-creepy-kind. I stand for representation of queer and female writers as well as representing queer folk on screen. Biggest influences include the works of Henry Selick, Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Toro, as well as any show by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur Favorite movies include "Back to the Future", "The Lion King", "Coraline" and "Forrest Gump... Go to bio
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